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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Burgers and beans (green)

Hamburgers with calamata olives on rosemary cibatta rolls, green beans

Lane makes the best hamburgers. He came up with the idea of adding chopped olives, which make the burger even more juicy, savory, and salty. So I gave his burgers a try myself this evening. I added about a cup of finely chopped calamata olives to about two pounds of beef, along with one egg, 2t salt, ground pepper, and 1t cumin. In small doses cumin adds a pleasing, almost subliminal extra bit of umami. Or unami. However you spell it.

Anyway, because the hamburger patties will shrink a bit during cooking I make the patties very flat and wide. The amount made two gigantic patties, two kind of big patties, and two little bitty patties for Jasper. Just like the three bears, only without the long walk and the intrusive blonde. Even though I used nice grass-fed beef and the batch of beef probably all came from only one cow (have we all read Fast Food Nation?) I cooked Jasper's little patties thoroughly (so rest easy, Mom).

I served the hamburgers on these great rosemary cibatta rolls that soak up a lot of juice so the burgers don't fall apart. It's too much bread for me and I usually end up picking off half of the roll bit by bit. But still good. I used a very mild and tangy cheddar, Applewood smoked Derby. It's got a little paprika. And I added some more of that midsummer tomato, some mixed greens, and sweet spring onions. They are from nearby Hepworth Farm, a great source of organic and hierloom foods. These onions are so mild I don't have to wear my ski goggles to chop them. The coop sells these onions by the bunch -- 4 bulbs. So now I need to find some way to use the other three. I like my burgers with Dijon mustard (because I'm a pretentious little priss) and mayonnaise, but no ketchup. I don't like ketchup.

I just boiled the green beans and served them coated in butter and salt. There's a lovely recipe in an issue of Saveur a few years back that puts green beans with mint, garlic, and lemon juice. But given the company (hamburger) and that I was already pushing it with the yuppie embellishments I decided to keep my side dish simple.

And that was dinner. It was raining this morning, so Jasper and I made our first visit to the Brooklyn Children's Museum. They have a toddler section called Totally Tots (do you smell the 80's) which is totally fun. There's a pond with toy dolphins and boats, a pillow-filled reading section, a crafts center, lots of carts and trucks to push around, and a big, soft nest for babies to roll around in. I especially liked the little shopping carts with plastic food. You could even put a doll in the child seat and pretend that he keeps kicking off his sandals and then squirms and whines to get out and then gropes you and yells BOOBIES and then demands to be nursed in the middle of aisle three. You know, like a real trip to the grocery store.


janeannechovy said...

Hmmm. I had thought about nursing #2 longer than the 15.5 months I did #1, but you're making me reconsider. :)

Janet M. Kincaid said...

Adriana, your culinary adventures leave me salivating! And the burger recipe is one I'm definitely going to try. I'm finding of late, though, that beef in large quantities--such as you find in a hamburger or steak--and I aren't as digestively compatible as we used to be. Any suggestions for a meat substitute? I wonder if chicken or turkey would work with this? Regardless, I'm thinking this burger sounds divine! I'm going to have to give it a try. And all of your other recipes... well, let's just say I can't wait to try as many of them as I can. Keep 'em coming!