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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Grilled sausage and peaches

Cheap turkey sausage, peaches, Bone Suckin' Sauce

This was actually Saturday night's dinner. We used to have this for dinner nearly every night last summer, but for some reason hadn't yet had it this summer. We discovered that grilled fruit goes very well with salty, savory sausages. I especially like peaches. Fruit at the height of the season is sufficiently loaded with sugar to carmelize a little on the grill. Just add the halved fruit cut side down when the sausages are about half-way finished cooking.

Here I must admit that when we grill Lane actually does the cooking. Even when we were a dual-career couple we divided many of our household tasks along gender lines: Lane took out the trash, fixed things, and grilled (though he did at least half of the cleaning as well). But just a couple months ago we decided to simplify our lives. I quit my job. Now that I'm home full time I almost feel as if we're reverting into some sort of 1950's model of domestic life. What next? Will I be handing Lane a fresh martini when he returns from work every evening?

The main difference, of course, is that we have choices. I have a couple of degrees and several years of professional experience in by back pocket should I choose to return to the salt mines. But you literally couldn't pay me enough to go back. Even while Jasper enters the age of tantrums and I face more time scrubbing the toilet and unloading the dishwasher this new pace of life is too delicious. I've been granted a golden reprieve, the chance to slow down and watch my son grow -- gradually, imperceptibly one day, explosively the next. And work takes on new meaning. My labor benefits only what lies closest to my heart.

But enough about me; back to dinner. We had the sausage and peaches with a barbecue sauce we found at the food cult, Bone Suckin' Sauce. Is it just me, or is that a provocative name? The sauce is mildly spicy, very sweet, and harmonized with the sausage and peaches like a, trio. I think it helped that the turkey sausage, though juicy, was no-frills, plain sausage, so there was no competition with the sauce. And the sauce was just tart enough to stand out against the peaches, but still sweet enough not to detract.

I didn't post Friday because we were Monroe's guests at a dinner party preceding Celebrate Brooklyn's presentation of The Sound of Music. We had vinegary roasted chicken, bruschetta, seafood salad, tomato and feta salad, pita bread with hummos (with a little cumin -- nice) and key lime tarts. I wonder if the key lime tarts were Steve's Authentic? Tonight we just grilled chicken with the bone suckin' sauce and had leftover fruit salad from our picnic with Mikelle and Mike, who are leaving us this autumn for Ann Arbor.

Since I've been ruminating on gender roles, household tasks, and barbecue sauce, I'll end with a little story a friend told me. He was raised by his divorced father. When their church congregation put together a cookbook this was his father's contribution:

Barbecued Chicken

Heat chicken. Pour barbecue sauce over all. Enjoy!


Margo, darling said...

Hi Adriana,
I found your blog on the comments sections of Julie's blog. I'm so excited to find this and so excited to see that you have a beautiful son! I always ask about you whenever I am in e-mail contact with Bryan, but he never answers back about you, which of course led me to paranoid fears that I was on your shit-list because of the breakup and no information was supposed to trickle down to me. Kind of stupid and totally narcissistic--like I matter that much!--but the silence out here in the mid-west about the northeast social corridor friends has been pretty deafening the last couple of years. I miss you all. Anyway, I'm so glad to have found this and to see that you have a healthy, beautiful child and seem really, really happy.
love to you and Layne.

Margo, darling said...

Oops. I spelled Lane's name wrong. Sorry about that.