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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hot dogs and slaw-like relish

Frankfurters in rustic heroes with a relish of radicchio, gherkins, and red oinion

When I was at Blue Apron for Serrano ham the other day I also picked up some skinny little frankfurters. I love hot dogs. Whenever I visit DC (which is often, as we have some good friends living there) my favorite ritual is to visit the Hirshhorn and then have a Mall Dog: a hot sausage loaded with onions, saeurkraut, and mustard from the hot dog stand just outside. Then I go to the National Gallery and have some gelato from the basement cafeteria. The Washington Post's art critic, Blake Gopnik, once recommended the gelato there. Apparently the chef went all the way to Italy to learn the craft. I've come to doubt Blake on many occasions since, but he is right about the gelato.

But back to the hot dogs. I side swiped the bun/weenie inequality dilemma by buying some rustic hero rolls from the coop. I cut these in half lenghtwise, and then split each of the halves. They hold condiments well, but at the same time they're not as much bread as the regular buns, or at least it seems that way to me.

I wanted relish and I wanted saeurkraut, so I tried something in between. Instead of cabbage (too large for the amount I needed) I finely chopped half a head of radicchio (radicchio? That's radicci-lous!). Then I chopped about 1/2 cup of gherkins and 1/2 of a small red onion. I mixed it all with about 2T mayonaise and 1T dijon mustard. I was surprised at how mild the result was, since I was after something with a bit more bite. The radicchio is mild. Perhaps endive would add more bitterness. And I could have added more mustard. I added only 1T because that was what was left in the bottle. So this one will remain in R&D a while longer.

I finally bought some watermelon! From everyone else's watermelon I've tasted, it appears to be a phenomenal year for the seedless. But the food cult sells only whole melons, these 10-pound monsters. I can't drag one of those home with Jasper by myself, so we bought a wrapped slice from a deli today. Jasper and I couldn't even wait to get home. We pulled over to some shade and attacked the slice with our plastic spoons, making a big, sticky mess. Watermelon like this makes the heat and humidity of summer worth it.

A few asides. I have a new Bastille Day entry for Thursday, July 14, if you scroll back a bit. There was a bit of a delay while I did some fact checking. I didn't actually cook anything, but I got some great ideas from the dinner party I attended. YES, I spelled sopressata incorrectly in my last post. I've just gone back and corrected it. I have some hangups with spelling. Also, in case anyone is wondering, gherkins (also known as cornichon) are those teeny little pickles.

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