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Because maybe you do care what I had for lunch...

Saturday, July 09, 2005

inaugural meal

Duck confit; salad of mache, sun dried tomatoes, blue cheese, and pecans with a vinegarette; olive bread from Sullivan Street Bakery; bufala mozzarella

The menu is a clear indication of things to come; it's as much about "what I bought" as "what I made." The happy marriage of the homemade with the carefully-chosen pre-made. The duck confit consisted of two Dartagnan drumsticks I simply reheated in our cast iron dutch oven. I set the legs aside, covered, and then threw the tomatoes and pecans in with the leftover duck fat. The pecans toasted nicely, though I couldn't get the tomatoes to soften any. Then I threw in the mache to wilt. I did this for my husband, Lane. He loves his greens wilted. Then I topped it with some Spanish blue cheese made from both goat and cow milk and wrapped in grape leaves, and then tossed everything together with Usual Salad Dressing #1: olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and mustard.

The mozzarella was a bit of a nonsequitur. I just bought it because it was a special occasion and I love it.

Lane and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary tonight. Our anniversary is actually on the 3rd, but we had friends visiting then. I just quit my job a month ago and Lane makes his living as an artist; he's doing great, but it's a highly speculative way to make a living. So in these days of economic restraint we decided to eat in and go out for a movie (Crash, which I loved). We got a sitter for Jasper, our 18-month-old son.

By the time I'd finished preparing this we had about 15 minutes to eat and even then I wasn't quite finished when Judy, Jasper's sitter, arrived. But I recall it being pretty good. I was afraid the duck might have dried out but it was fine (of course, with all that fat). I got the skin nice and crispy. Salad was more wilted than I usally like, and I would have preferred dried figs to the tomatoes -- but we'd just had dried figs over some ravioli the night before. The blue cheese and pecans were wonderful, though. And, of course, I could eat the mozzarella like ice cream.

But I didn't have to, because I'd bought a sumptuous little chocolate cup cake from Chocolate Room. I sneaked it into the movie with me.