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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Open-faced ham and cheese sandwiches, tomato salad

Sliced ham and triple cream cheese on Amy's semolina golden raisin bread, salad of cherry tomatoes, red onions, basil, and tarragon. Watermelon for dessert.

That Julia Child quote comes to mind -- "That's not cooking. That's shopping." But that's also pretty good eating, so who cares. I sometimes think of myself as a food curator.

It was too hot again to cook, the humidity and heat index bringing it up to 105 degrees. I love Amy's sweet and savory semolina golden raising bread and thought some salty ham and gooey cheese would go well with it. Actually, I picked up the cheese first, a block-shaped triple cream, somethingorother d'affinois. It made nice little rectangle slices for the slices of bread.

As for the salad, I sliced the cherry tomatoes in half. And then, because Jasper's fever had returned, Lane finished it for me with the red onions (his idea) and herbs, dressed with olive oil and a little salt.

Someone once said fruit for dessert is like socks for your birthday. I usually agree, but not in the summertime. Not with super-sweet watermelon, strawberries, peaches, nectarines and on and on.

By the way, I know I was a little severe with the "guac" thing. Call it guac if you want, it doesn't really bother me. Also, Mom wrote to inform me that Monterey jack cheese is named after the city in California, not the Monterrey (two r's) in Mexico. Which I knew -- but I still like tying Grandma in like that.

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