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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Seaweed soba noodle salad

Salad of sea vegetable, soba noodles, tofu, and pickled ginger

This is another one to file under "too hot to cook," though I did have to boil some noodles. I did that around noon while preparing lunch. Alas, I was distracted by Jasper and ended up dumping the package of noodles into the boiling water just before noticing that they were held together in three bundles by little paper strips. Geez, why'd they have to do that? Like I'm only going to use a third of the package at a time...Couldn't they give me a little warning. So there I was, cutting the paper strips off the noodles with scissors while the noodles boiled. Needless to say the noodles came out with three distinct little clumps of stuck-together noodles. But I managed to separate the rest out and toss with soy sauce and sesame oil before refrigerating for the day.

It was still hideously hot and humid today, but somehow I managed to drag Jasper over to my friend Shelley's, where Jasper fought over toys sometimes and other times played amicably with Shelley's 2 1/2-year-old son Emmett. The little people don't understand sharing yet, so it's just better to distract them when conflict arises. Meanwhile Shelley put on Spirited Away, the newest film by Japanese anime filmmaker Miyazaki and then treated me to some luscious goat (?) cheese and this lyrical (if it isn't corny of me to say) white wine. I'll admit here, since I'm still a little tipsy, that I really like sweetish white wines (though I can appreciate a good, hearty red in the winter). Anyway, I can't remember what it was called but thank goodness it had a distinctive label so if I ever see it again I'll know to get it. Where was I? Oh yes, the salad.

So I got home late. Jasper fell asleep on the walk home, so when I was about 5 minutes away I called Lane and asked him to start soaking the dried Japanese sea vegetable in cold water. It was funny how the sea vegetable was sort of the Japanese version of what we typically call mesclum. There were broad, flat, green leaves and branched, reddish leaves, and fuzzy, whitish leaves. Once I got Jasper in and back to sleep I mixed the sea vegetable with the noodles. Then I cut the tofu into tiny cubes and some pickled ginger into narrow strips and tossed everything with some lime juice and more soy sauce. When I eat the leftovers tomorrow I'll probably add some more sesame oil as well.

I really liked this salad. It was salty and sweet and chewy. I get regular cravings for the seaweed salads sold next to the sushi and shumai at Asian delis, and this definitely hit that spot. It also makes me happy that I had a vaguely Japanese dinner on the same day that I saw a film by Miyazaki. The main character, Chihiro, reminded me of Anna, the daughter of our friends Bryan and Stephanie.


Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel better, I did the exact same thing the first time I cooked soba noodles. I guess they're packaged for people cooking for only themselves? Whatever.

And re your last entry, fromager d'affinois is the absolute BOMB. I never fail to include it when I'm serving a cheese course. Another great soft French cheese is Delice de Bourgogne. And hey! I can eat these again now!!! Yet another reason to rejoice in childbirth.

Swizzies said...

Hey A...if you like the sweetish white wines, I'm guessing you're already into the Gewurztraminers? They come from the Alsace, my French neighborhood here. I myself love the Rieslings from the same area. Mmmm. Also SOOO good is the white Bordeaux - but as it is expensive even here, I'm guessing it's way expensive there. Had a white merlot the other day from the Ticino region of was too weird for me, especially since I don't like red merlot and it tasted mostly like that but fruitier. Skip it. :-)