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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Too hot to cook: gazpacho

Gazpacho with sopressata, cheddar, and bread on the side

For today's gazpacho I used a recipe from The Daily Soup Cookbookmy sister gave me for my birthday one year. I usually just wing it, blending canned tomatoes with cucumbers, lime, and bell peppers. But this time I decided to consult a recipe. Soup's uses fresh tomatoes (and this is the time of year for fresh tomatoes), tomato juice, bell peppers, cucumbers, garlic, cilantro, and green onions. The last two ingredients are for garnish. It has hot sauce and jalapeno, which I skipped for Jasper's sake. Also, you blend only the tomatoes and garlic, and the rest of the ingredients you chop finely and add afterwards. It calls for wine and sherry vinegars; having neither I used a tiny bit of balsamic and juice from two limes. I liked it -- it was much chunkier than my usual, which is fun for a change. But I may still like the thicker, all-blended version better.

For a little protein I served chunks of leftover cheddar and some sopressata along with the remains of yesterday's baguette. And we drank this water mix I've been brewing in the refrigerator lately, water with a sprig of mint and some slices of cucumber. The most refreshing beverage imaginable. Really. When I think up a drink more refreshing I'll be sure to let you know. It also makes a nice cocktail if you add a little vermouth.

All of this made the perfect post-beach repast. It was mercifully less humid today but still hot. So I took Jasper to Brighton Beach. Because it was Wednesday it wasn't too crowded. Jasper is a good beach kid. He's afraid of the waves, so I never have to worry about him dashing into the sea. We mostly hung out in the wet sand, making ponds, moving sand around, collecting mussel shells. He napped for about an hour, too. It was just lovely. Except for all the garbage. Ok, there wasn't that much garbage. I definitely saw more shells than pieces of garbage.

Thanks, everyone, for your comments and e-mails about hEIrloom tomatoes. I will try not to be so lazy in the future and just look words up. Weird that this spell check doesn't have heirloom at all. It appears to be a spell check for 3rd-graders.

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sniffalicious said...

Yeah I liked the regular blended gezpacho better as well. It's chunkier and not as soupey but last night's was good