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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jasmine tea gelatin and lavender limeade

Gelatin made from jasmine tea, ginger, and lemon with sweetened condensed milk

I got this recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, she who eats. Chika brewed jasmine ginger lemon tea, mixed with gelatin, and then served with a lemon ginger syrup. I brewed plain jasmine tea and mixed in some lemon and ginger juice before adding to the gelatin.

The resulting gelatin was funky on its own. Spicy and a little too lemony (if I make it again I'll probably skip the lemon altogether). I think beyond traditional jello desserts and savory aspic I just didn't have a sensory context for this. But when I added the sweetened condensed milk it all came together. It became a very sweet, slightly gooey, slightly chewy, slightly spicy, slightly floral dessert. Still too funky for Lane so I'm not even going to ask him to try. Jasper tasted it and found the texture very similar to egg white but the taste unpleasant. He liked the condensed milk, though.

Inspired by the other food blogs I read I've decided to include a photo. As you can see, mine did not turn out in lovely tangerine shades like Chika's. It came out brownish. Oh well. This is the dessert just before Jasper broke the class by tapping it with a spoon. And just because the little devil is so cute, here's a picture of Jasper. But I could't get his picture to upload right-side-up. The file itself is right-side-up. Arghh, technology. Just turn your head to the side. Trust me. He's really cute.

Lavender limeade is one of my summer favorites. I got the recipe from Oprah Magazine. Steep some culinary lavender in water and then mix the hot lavender water with sugar. Then juice several limes and add more water as necessary before chilling. The proportions I use are about 3/4 cup sugar and 8 or so limes, depending on their size. And you can pick up culinary lavender at Adriana's Caravan at Grand Central Station. I don't know where else you can get it. Maybe Kalyustans.

I didn't really make anything for dinner. Instead we had premade hummus and baba ganoush with the rest of the flatbread and some tomatoes, onions, yogurt, and parsley. Jasper and I cowered from the heat indoors all day until the evening, when we finally ventured out to the playground. This was fortuitous, because I ran into some old friends who had moved to Montclair about five years ago and were in Brooklyn to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

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