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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Seared lamb steak with parsley sauce

Lamb round steak, parsley sauce, wilted kale, semolina fennel golden raisin bread

The coop doesn't get lamb that often, but this week we recieved a shipment of four lambs in parts. I picked up a big, promising-looking steak and seared it on my trusty cast-iron pan, seasoning only with salt and pepper. Despite my inattention it came out perfectly, browned on either side and less-than-medium rare in the center. Despite being one of the leaner cuts with a reputation for toughness it came out pretty soft, and even a little juicy.

I made a sauce inspired by one in that Terence Conran article in Saveur from yesterday's post. I put a bunch of parsley, two cloves of garlic, three anchovies, about ten calamata olives, and too much (alas) balsamic vinegar in the processor. The balsamic was regrettable, but Lane made little sandwiches with the sauce, lamb, and the raisin bread and thought it was a tasty combination. I have a lot of the sauce left, so I think I'll add another bunch of parsley to cut the vinegar a little and use it again soon. It should keep for another week.

I sauteed the chopped (crosswise) kale in the lamb juices with some garlic and salt. This was also tasty, though it seemed a little redundant next to the parsley sauce. And yes, I buy that Amy's fennel raisin bread all the time. We're both just crazy about it and still not sick of it, so we'll continue to eat it at least every two weeks.

In other news, yesterday's failed gelee turned out this morning. Apparently I did add enough gelatin, I just didn't let it set long enough. So I got to enjoy it with my leftover chicken for lunch. Oh golden ambrosia!

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