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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Trout with kaffir lime sauce

Fried trout fillet and fresh spinach noodles with kaffir lime sauce; blanched broccoli

This is based on another recipe from Flavorswith a few alterations. I simmered some chicken stock with sliced lime leaves, lime juice, and cream for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile I blanched a bunch of broccoli, set that aside, boiled my noodles, set them aside, and fried two trout fillets in olive oil and more lime juice. To serve I placed the trout atop the noodles and spooned the sauce over all. I served the broccoli on the side with some more of the sauce.

For once I did not overcook the noodles. I kept them in to a count of 20 and then took them out, and they were perfect. Phew! In the original recipe you serve the trout over mashed potatoes, which makes a lot more sense. But these noodles were getting old. It was all right. The flavors were good independently, but the fish and the noodles were not in conversation with each other. And there was definitely too much green my plate. And I prefer Asian noodles with stir fry. Another alteration was adding more chicken stock and less cream that called for. This made for more sauce to dress the noodles; otherwise there is only enough sauce for the trout fillets. I did like how the sauce turned out. Not too floral this time.

Jasper is playing around with his naptime. Usually he goes down for a nap about four hours after he wakes in the morning. But yesterday he didn't nap until seven hours after he woke, though he didn't go to bed that night much later than usual. Today he got up early (7:00, which is late for some toddlers and their unlucky parents) but resisted napping all day until 4:30. He napped for half an hour, woke, and struggled to fall asleep (nursing on and off) for nearly an hour. He finally went into a deep sleep around six and has been asleep ever since. It's now 8:30. Is he down for the night? What's going on?!? I hope this doesn't mean he's getting up really early tomorrow morning. Maybe I should go to sleep early myself.

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h2oman said...

i've been in the rocky mountains and pacific northwest for the last month & have been dying for trout but haven't had any yet. your post tonite made my mouth water. i'm dying to grill some whole when i get back to my urban terrace in the canyons of lower manhattan. oysters on the ocean later this week, though, and more crab than you can imagine. besos y abrazos to friends in bklyn.