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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Chili pepper fiesta postponed due to chaos

No, no, the chilies are fine. It's just that my mother called today suggesting I might want to give my family's intestines a break from the chilies every other day or so. That and I went into the city today to have lunch with some old work cronies followed by a couple hours at Madison Park. When we got home around five I remembered that I'd left the apartment in a state of disaster. Time to clean up! I was still planning on cooking dinner until the moment Jasper dumped and entire box of Peanut Butter Panda Puffs all over the puzzle piece- and sea shell-strewn floor. And started dancing on everything. Then I decided it was a good day to get a rotisserie chicken from Key Foods.

We love this chicken, even though it's probably antibiotic-filled frankenchicken. It's always flavorful and juicy, even better than the fancy-pants herbed rotisserie chicken at Union Market. I also picked up some of the season's last seedless watermelon.

My mother also reminded me to be very careful when handling chili peppers. I know this from sad experience -- you should either wash your hands every couple of minutes or wear gloves. She e-mailed me her recipe for chili verde, which I will make soon (Oh YEAH!). Finally, she told me that the chilies freeze well, which is another reason why the chili pepper fiesta will actually take place over the next few months, a day here, a day there.

On a different topic, Bryan chastised me for making fun of Moosewood Cooks at Home -- and rightly so. It is an extremely useful cookbook for nascent cooks and I am certainly not above learning from it myself. One of the things I like about it is that it doesn't take itself seriously; yet it does take seriously its mission to help busy families put tasty, healthy meals on the table day after day. And it's always easy to add meat to the dishes. Nevertheless, Bryan, I remain skeptical regarding this ketchup sweet and sour peppers recipe.


Adriana Velez said...

Someone named Morris sent in a request to re-post a taco recipe. I was suspicious because I've never posted a taco recipe -- just burritos on July 25. Then for a few minutes I was unable to open any blogger blogs. So I deleted Morris' comment. Apologies if Morris is a real person and the bug was unrelated.

h2oman said...

Don't knock the sweet and sour peppers until you've tried them, lady. I'm making them tonight, with chicken added, of course.

I also remembered another recipe from that book that has long been a staple at our house: the eggplant mykonos.


Anonymous said...

I am part-Italian, raised by a woman once removed from the immigrant experience, so I can relate to Adriana's ketchup objection. I must admit that watching people add ketchup to marinara sauce... sorry, it makes me cringe.

I don't judge others for adding ketchup, of course. Not everyone has to make homemade tomato sauce like I do (many of my friends love a good Ragu... even though I can't abide its sugariness). But, personally, I too would fear the sweet and sour peppers with ketchup as does Adriana. I might even make the recipe, but substitute tomato puree or something. It's really just a personal taste thing for me (and worries about my Italian grandmother haunting me from the grave).

Of course, I know I concoct plenty of meals that would make other people cringe. I've gone out for Korean barbecue and had the wait staff gently correct my menu selections since I tend to choose combinations that the wait staff simply cannot abide. I guess it's all in the taste buds and predispositions of the beholder.