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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Hot dogs with polenta and green tomato relish

I'm having a hard time working up the enthusiasm to post today because I've been reading about the chaos in New Orleans. Tens of thousands of people trapped together without enough resources and with no law enforcement -- and President Bush has the nerve to preach about citizens behaving themselves. I'm just heartsick. I think of mothers unable to feed their children, unable to make them comfortable, unable to even keep them safe. I'm hoping the Red Cross and other relief organizations are able to even get to these people at this point. But I am not impressed with our president's words and actions thus far.

I actually had a very lighthearted post in mind for today. Jasper and I went to the New York Aquarium and had a great time, especially at the Aliens anenome and jelly fish exhibit. We got there early and were able to beat the crowds for the first couple hours. And we were reminded of how important it is to take good care of our natural resources, specifically by conserving energy and by consuming fish responsibly. See the side column for a new link to the Audubon/Wildlife Conservation Society's Seafood Awareness Guide.

While we were there the Food Network was taping a show. I've always found the Food Network somewhat cheesy and useless. Lane and I would watch Rachel Ray just to make fun of her. True to form, FN was featuring octodogs, grilled hot dogs sliced lenghtwise to resemble octopi.

Dorky as this idea is, I had to try it today. Because I got skinny weenies from Dines Farms I could only slice them lenghtwise into four tentacles, but they still looked cute. Cut carefully with a very sharp knife. I was pleased to see that the weenies also take less time to cook this way.

Since the octopi would be too gangly for buns I decided to serve them with polenta, along with a simple relish of green tomatoes, red onions, and cornichon, and some of that Bone Sucking Sauce I mentioned back in July. The culturally confused meal worked. Lane loved it and thought it seemed very southern. You could make it even more southern by serving grits and frying the green tomatoes -- and washing it all down with some coke'cola.

I'm the last person who needs cheering up, given what's going on in the world (did I mention all the fires in the slums of Paris?), but these silly octodogs gave me a bit of a lift. Especially when I consider them a little one-fingered message to George W.

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Swizzies said...

Heheheh - love the octoweenies...looks pretty phallic. But I prefer your vision of the finger to Dubya - he's getting a big one from me. New Orleans is tragic - I'm really depressed about it. And the melodrama of the way CNN International cover it is not helping. Anyhow, thanks for the smile. :-) XO - Di