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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cheese and fruit

Ravioli with sliced plums

There is a Mexican immigrant community in Lane’s studio neighborhood, and the grocery around the corner sells wonderful, fresh tamales: red chile, green chile, corn wrapping or banana leaf. I was hoping to have some for dinner tonight. But we just discovered that the store is closed, and it looks like for good! This makes me sad for the community…and for me. Where am I going to find tamales like that now? I’ll have to start a new search.

Since Plan A was foiled, we had to come up with a quick alternative. Lane suggested frozen ravioli. He picked up some asiago, basil, and pine nut ravioli at the Food Cult, and while it boiled I noticed two plums I bought a couple days ago and still hadn’t eaten. The problem with plums is the bitter skin. I never feel like just biting into one like a peach or apple because of that skin. And I haven’t had the time to bake a tart. So I peeled the plums, chopped them, and topped the ravioli with them.

This was a great combination because you can usually pair cheese-anything with fruit. Not every combination works every time, but think about it: cheddar and cantaloupe, blue cheese and pears, camembert and raspberries. The possibilities go on and on.

Jasper and I hung out with Lane today. (Imagine telling your child that Daddy colors for a living. Life is that magical!) We had a great time. Jasper colored, stacked coffee tins, pretended to paint, and picked CDs for us. And now I must boast a little because he knows his colors and shapes now. Isn’t that exciting! Every time he learns something new it makes me want to dance a jig. And he comes up with little games all the time. There’s one where he offers me a cookie and when I approach it he pushes me onto the bed. (Where’d he get that idea, anyway? We don’t watch Tom and Jerry yet.) And the other day in childcare at the Coop he actually volunteered to go potty in the chair before we left. I want to tell him, Jasper you are growing and learning so well. NOW LET’S SEE YOU SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT.

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Swizzies said...

Okay, here's what I need - so I hope you will begin buying your plane tickets straight away - is for you to come here to where I live in the very heart of paradise du fromage and give me a good cheese education. I still have an embarrassing tendency to walk through the cheese area (in the French groceries, where it is usually a very large section) without breathing through my nose because I can't get past the smell. How provincial of me. Don't be alarmed, I am no Velveeta lover, but I am easily drawn in by the very accessible Swiss cheeses (a la Emmenthaler, Gruyere, Raclette varieties) and haven't been adventurous vis a vis the French ones. Wretched!