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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Pumpkin risotto

I still plan on making the Jamie Oliver pumpkin risotto JaneAnne sent me, but today I needed a very simple recipe since I was making pumpkin bread as well. I took my inspiration from that milky green rice recipe I tried a few weeks ago and cooked this mostly in the oven.

First I softened two garlic cloves in about 2 T butter. Then I added some chopped sage and about 1 ½ cups risotto and cooked until slightly toasted. Then I added half a Rheingold beer because that was all we had on hand. I cooked that a bit and then added a cup of buttermilk I also had on hand, 1 cup of chicken stock, and about 1 ½ cups roasted pumpkin. I mixed it all up and then threw it into the oven with the baking pumpkin bread for about a half hour. And it all came out fine. Sure, it wasn’t the luscious creamy wonder that is carefully stirred risotto. But it was dinner. The pumpkin dissolved into the rice grains, a little disappearing act. I served the risotto with some sliced ham.

Another reason why I took the shortcut was that I was a little worn out from our Odyssey to Old Navy. It’s been raining and raining out but Jasper needed new pajamas and I needed a good, long walk. Old Navy is about 30 minutes away on foot. I tried looking for pajamas in my neighborhood stores, being a good Park Slope citizen. But for some reason no once seemed to be carrying pajamas for toddlers.

Those of you livening in urban centers may have noticed that many strollers have these little plastic hoods called rain guards. Jasper hates his. He does not want to be the boy in the bubble; he’s a man of action. He’ll usually pull it away and stick as much of his body out as possible, and seems not to care that he gets wet. So today I decided not to bother with the rain guard. Instead, I put him in a windbreaker of mine that’s large enough to cover his knees. His shoes got wet on the way, but I got him a pair of rain boots at Old Navy for the ride back. Too bad they don’t make rain hats and slickers as well.

We did all right on the way there, but he entered the pre-nap whining zone on the way home. I humored him by letting him ride twice on the mechanical horse at a pizza place AND nursing him there for a few minutes. Then we got back onto the road. About two blocks from home his whining intensified because the wind started blowing rain directly in his face. So out the rain guard came after all, and I continued up the street.

Near the top he turned completely around and started screaming and yelling. I noticed that one of his brand new boots was missing, damnit! I looked, and there it was, way back where we’d stopped to get the rain guard on. Making liberal use of the words I don’t want him to say I sped back to the boot and knelt down on the wet sidewalk to put it back on Jasper’s foot, untangle a windbreaker sleeve from a wheel, and shove Jasper back behind the rain guard and into his seat. At his point he was shrieking because he wanted me to nurse him. So I was also yelling back “NO NURSEY NOW MOM CAN’T NURSEY YOU HERE SHE’LL NURSEY YOU AT HOME MOM CAN’T NURSEY YOU HERE!!!!” while the wind whipped rain about us. I hadn’t seen that look on his face since he was a newborn and we made him ride in a car seat.

He cried for a block, sulked for another block, and then fell asleep just before we got home. Maybe we’ll hide from the rain tomorrow.

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