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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Sausage, squash, and white bean stew

Isn't stew great? You throw a bunch of ingredients into a pot, simmer, and there's dinner. There are countless variations, so you could make a different stew every night if you wanted to. It's like stir-fry that way. I suppose this is the way some people feel about casserole.

Today's stew started with the squash. I halved one delicata and one small acorn and steamed them for about 10 minutes, just until they were tender. Then I peeled and chopped them for later.

I happen to have some rendered duck fat that I keep frozen, so I melted a tablespoon and softened one chopped shallot and one large minced garlic clove (you could use butter or olive oil). Then I added a tablespoon of flour, cooked it for a minute, and gradually added two cups of chicken broth, stirring as I poured. Since I used pre-cooked sausage (Dartagnan chicken mushroom) I just sliced it and added it, along with the canned beans. Then I added the squash and let the whole thing simmer for about half an hour. I could have simmered it for 10 minutes and that would have been enough, but that's how the timing with Lane coming home turned out.

I served this with some stale whole grain bread, but it would have been better with crusty bread and salad (rather than the cucumber I chomped on like an apple). Looking over this recipe I'm feeling a little Rachel Ray-ish. There was a profile on her in the Times. She is indeed a cheeseball (Lane and I used to mock "40 dollars a day"), but I admire her hustle and industry. I don't have much hustle at all, so I'm always impressed by people who do.


liz said...

My husband is SO going to thank you for blogging your recipes.

Mary Ellen said...

Hey Adriana,

Once again, you've left me drooling. Do you do anything fancy with butternut squash?