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Monday, October 24, 2005

Spanish tortillas

File this one under quick, pantry-scraping food for tired people. I learned it in Spain. Today I decided to spend the day in Lane’s studio, which meant no time to go grocery shopping.

Start by frying one chopped potato (small pieces) and half a chopped onion in olive oil on medium high heat. I use red potatoes. You’ll want a waxy rather than starchy potato for this dish. When the potatoes are well cooked and a little crispy pour in about five whisked eggs, lower temperature, and cover for about five minutes until the egg has cooked. Cover with thin slices of tomato. This is also nice with some chopped fresh parsley.

I recommend serving with a salad and some anchovies on the side. But Lane likes his Spanish tortilla al colonial: with grated pepper jack cheese and salsa.

The word “tortilla” happens to be Spanish slang for “lesbian,” presumably because lesbians are all mixed up. I can hear some of you saying “harrumph” to that. I know, it’s clearly a result of Spanish machismo culture.

In other news, Jasper and I just happened upon Disney Playhouse’s website when we came across little clips of “Johnny and the Sprites, with John Tartaglia” as a sort of test pilot. I thought, since when does the adult host get that kind of billing in a kid’s show? Are we supposed to know who John Tartaglia is? As it turns out, I do. He’s from Avenue Q! The show is actually delightful and Jasper loved it. Good for John. I hope Disney carries the show.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... I find that many lesbians are quite mixed up, and I don't mean sexually. Perhaps I shouldn't say such things about my "family" but I forever thought I'd never find a normal, traditional lesbian. Then, I found my wife. From now on, I'll call her my "tortilla." Good to know.

Incidentally, Johnny and the Sprites was a little freaky for me. But then again, so was Electric Company, and I ate that up as a kid. Morgan Freeman as Easy Reader. Gotta love it.