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Friday, October 28, 2005

Tuna melts

I must write quickly while Lane and Jasper are out getting ice cream and the sandwiches are cooking. We just got back from an opening at White Columns, where Lane is in a group show called The Early Show. Very silly -- art from high school.

Anyway, tonight we're having another el cheapo tuna-based dinner, tuna melts. Last weekend Lane took Jasper so I could have some time to myself. He got together with our friend Dave and took the opportunity to go to a neighborhood restaurant I hate because the food is terrible. They serve the soggiest onion rings you can imagine. I met them there afterwards and Lane was still finishing his tuna melt. I picked it up and tasted it, sniffed, and said, "this should be better." (Have I mentined that I'm lucky I have any friends still?) Lane turned to Dave and said, "SEE?!?"

This put me in the mind to make the tuna melts that OUGHT to be. I used two cans of tuna in olive oil, draining only one. I chopped one small red onion and three plum tomatoes. Then I grated a whole chunk of this Applewood smoked Derby cheddar (with paprika), mixed it all together, and put it in between whole grain. I grilled this and now I hear Jasper and Lane on their way in. Time to eat.

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courtney said...

This is creative and sounds tasty. How did they turn out?