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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Return and report

It's now after 10:00 p.m. and all three of us are still wide awake, on Utah time. We had a great trip and I'm not going to attempt to recap the entire trip, but here are some highlights:

1. Free babysitting courtesy of Lane's parents. We saw "Walk The Line" and went out to lunch in charming downtown Ogden. We even entertained fantasies of finding a summer rental there. But there's always the question...what would we eat? Lunch at Rooster's was great, though.

2. Dinner at Em's in Capitol Hill followed by a quick run with Jasper through the lights at Temple Square. Thick snowflakes started falling moments later as we passed the tree-decked ZCMI on our way out to the airport.

3. My brother Gabe's outlaw design sense, on display at bubble tea shop Zing

4. Taking Jasper to see my other brother, Jared, at his fire station

5. Watching Jasper play with his cousins

6. Wishing Bob a happy 80th

7. For the first time ever Jasper not only doesn't scream to be let out of the carseat, he actually enjoys sitting there.

8. My mom's pumpkin cake. I'll try to get the recipe soon.

9. Lunch of sushi rolls at Wild Oats (a little piece of blue state in the middle of a red state) followed by a leisurely stroll through the store. They have shopping carts with big ride-on toy cars on the front.

10. The tamalada -- about which more later in another post.

Meanwhile, America outside of our bubble-within-a-bubble, Park Slope, gets scarier and scarier. Snackables pizza dipppers? The horror...

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