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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tagliatale with hubbard squash and duck bacon sauce

Really! Tagliatale (or egg noodles) with a sauce made of hubbard squash, duck bacon, and apple cider.

Hubbard squash is a round, blue squash I've been meaning to try. The fellow who checked my groceries asked if it's blue inside. No, it's bright orange. But what a lovely imagination he must have. It must be fun to live in his world of possibility.

I was going to cut some lightly steamed squash into chunks, saute in the bacon drippings, and then toss with the pasta. But while the squash was steaming I got distracted placing the T, R, and U keys back into the laptop's keyboard. Would someone out there like to buy us a small, portable DVD player so we can stop playing movies on our delicate little ibook? I know what you're thinking: just discipline the boy. And by the way, buy your own damn electronics. Who do you think you are, Heather B. Armstrong? Anyway, the squash cooked into mush.

But if this blog is about anything, it's about making do when disaster strikes. Obviously I had a sauce in the making! I scooped out the squash into a bowl, mushed it up a bit more, and set it aside. Then I fried the duck bacon (duck bacon! Don't I love Park Slope?!?). In addition to the rendered fat it also left a thick tar-like sludge. I scraped most of it out of the pan, but used the rest to cook some chopped garlic. Then I added some fresh apple cider and scraped the rest of the tar up and incorporated it into a sauce. I stirred in the squash, added more cider until I got the consistency I wanted, and added some fresh thyme and salt (sage probably would have been better but thyme is what I had). When the tagliatale was cooked I added it to the sauce along with the bacon, chopped into small pieces.

Duck goes very well with sweet things and hubbard squash itself is pretty sweet. So this dish came out wonderfully, especially for something that started off with a blunder. I will have to make it again soon, maybe with fermented cider and sage.

And now I'm signing off. After yesterday's improved bedtime of 11 Jasper didn't fall asleep tonight until nearly 12:30. I think it's going to take him a week to get back into Eastern Standard Time. Meanwhile, a few images for your viewing pleasure

Jasper with his cousin, Quin.

Jasper keeps lining his toys up in a straight line. Is that typical two-year-old behavior? Does this mean he's going to grow up to be an interior designer?

Here's Grandma with cousins Garrin and Maya.

And here's the grand couple on the big day. Eighty years old and fifty-five years of marriage. Dangit, I thought I figured this vertical pictures thing out. It worked with the Grandma picture. Why isn't it working with the Twitchells? Arggg.

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I keep meaning to tell you that I made your brussel sprouts at Thanksgiving, and they were so delish!