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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Two of my favorite things and some excuses

If you spend any time visiting other food blogs you'll notice that they always include photographs of the food. So why don't I ever post photographs of my dishes? Here's why.

By the end of the day I'm usually bouncing between the kitchen, where dinner is in some stage of preparation, and entertaining Jasper. He's often wound up and I'm usually worn out. Lane usually arrives between 7:30 and 8:00. He takes over with Jasper while I put the finishing touches on dinner, and then I make us all sit down to eat. After dinner one of us entertains Jasper while the other cleans up. It never occurs to me to take a moment and photograph what I've made. I'm just too damn hungry.

Then there's uploading the photograph. We're in a tiny one bedroom. Jasper has one room, which happens to have the desk and a phone jack for our line, but it's the only room that closes off from the rest of the apartment. So after I've put him to sleep, after 10:00, I snake the DSL line under his door so I can work on the laptop in the other room -- in the dark, because Lane is sleeping in the other room. It's just a pain in the neck, ok? These people with the food blogs that have beautiful photography -- they're CHILDLESS!

But if I can't give you the meal I made (and maybe one of these days I'll start including more photos) I can give you two of my favorite things. One is the little boy cookies I mentioned in the previous post. I had to buy these at the corner grocery retail -- ugh. And this yogurt is the most divine, creamy, wonderful stuff ever made, probably because it's actually made with cream. In fact, it has nearly the same fat content as ice cream. But it's so yummy.

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