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Monday, November 14, 2005

Two points of interest

I'm writing quickly while Jasper sleeps. It's 10:00 a.m. Am I lucky or what? First point of interest: I want to point out the search feature at the top of this blog. If you're wondering what to do with figs simply enter "figs" in the "search this blog" box and you'll see all posts pertaining to figs. Neato!

Second point of interest: I spotted Amanda Hesser and Tad Friend outside Design Within Reach in Brooklyn Heights yesterday. Both are amazingly dorky-looking in person, and she looked cranky as well (speaking of dorky, they once did an online piece about riding the Segway all over Paris -- that's up at the tippy top of Mt. Dorkiness, where there are no trees and the ground is frozen). There was a time when I was eating myself alive with envy over Amanda, who has my dream job (paid, that is -- I am currently working at my ultimate dream job, but it's volunteer work). But while I do think she has benefitted from the Times' desire to attract younger readers I do think she's worked damn hard to get where she is. So good for her. Hope the crankiness was due to a disagreement over a chair with Tad and not something more serious, like her desire for a child and his fear of parenthood. Or maybe she's in her first trimester and that's why she looked so cranky. Should I spread a rumor that Amanda Hesser is pregnant and considering leaving her job at the Times? Plant a little seed at eGullet?

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shaunamama said...

Well, let me start off by saying hello!! This is so weird! I was following some links of some friends of mine who blog here, and I ran across you. I was reading your profile there, and realized that I know your husband from High School. We graduated together in 1986 from Bonneville. Lane & I had a bunch of classes together. It's so funny I ran into your blog, because just the other day, a friend of mine and I were wondering what in the world Lane was up to. I debated whether or not to introduce myself and say hello, but this is just one of those times that if I didn't say anything time would go by and I'd just regret it. It was very nice to meet you (over your blog, anyway). I was cruising around your blog and saw some great pics of your sweet wonderful!!!
I really enjoy your style of writing. Hope you don't mind, but I'd sure like to pop in now and then to read how things are going not to mention try some of your fabulous recipes. Please tell Lane hello from Shauna...(it's ok if he doesn't remember me, in High School, I was the kid no one remembers).