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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Doctored frozen pizza

Lane had a working dinner tonight so Jasper and I were on our own. I decided to go easy on myself and do something I rarely do: buy a frozen pizza. I bought this pizza, which Lane refuses to buy on account of the drippy copy on the box, for example: a long poem about a vision involving an old man and dough as old as the earth's soul.

But it's pretty good pizza, so I bought it anyway (averting my eyes). The pie is an exercise in tasteful proportion and restraint, but being a vulgar American I had to add more stuff, sliced portobello mushrooms and mounds of mozzarella. It was good.

Since dinner was a snap and I was given the rare miracle of a three-hour-long nap from Jasper I performed many satisfying household tasks. I washed and put away all the diapers. I cleaned out my pantry, including washing out all the glass canisters. I performed the final revisions on a sweater for Jasper that I've been working on for over two years.

Most exciting of all, I completed my Christmas craft project of the year. Whilst in downtown Ogden over Thanksgiving I came across a store called the pomegranate and the persimmon, or something like that. It was filled with lovely froofy things, the sorts of objects I am attracted to against my better judgment: delicate silk baby blankets, scented candles, crystal Christmas ornaments, rolls of iridescent ribbons, velvet handbags, beaded whatsits and lacy doozles. Lane calls it grandma-y stuff. I'm just lucky I ran away to New York City and become a good minimalist who can usually resist the froof.

Anyway, I did indulge a little. I bought three glittered and beaded snowflake ornaments, which were so cheap I wanted to buy an armload. But the more of them you see the more they reveal their shoddy workmanship. The other item that caught my eye were paper glitter stars strung on ribbons. Only I did not buy these as they looked too easy to simply make myself.

And they were pretty easy to make. I got my supplies at the Utah craft temple, Michael's, which is too much fun. We don't have them here in serious New York, though I probably could have gotten everything at Pearl Paint. Michael's is another horrible thing I'd probably be into if I hadn't run away to the city. I used a stencil to draw out the stars on posterboard. Then I cut them all out, cut a hole at the top of each with a hole puncher, painted glue over their surfaces, dusted with glitter, and that was it. I probably should have finished with a fixative, as I now have glitter shedding all over the place.

I did all of this over a few days (about 3 naps). Today I bought some sheer ribbon and strung up my star garlands. I love them! Don't you love it when you realize your vision? Here's the key! Listen closely, it is the secret to happiness. Aim low. Seriously, life is good if paper glitter stars make you this happy.

Camera batteries need recharging, so I'll have to post photos of happy stars garlands later.


shaunamama said...

This post made me smile! I was in Michaels just today...thinking what in the world would I do without this store when an idea hits me?
The kids make ornaments that hold their school photos in it every year for their grandparents as a gift and I just had to run in for some glitter and my son's favorite color of red.
The next time you're here, let me know! I'd love to make a Michael's run or better yet, pop into Great Harvest for a slice of their spinach-feta bread. WOAH.

Co said...

I had never "doctored" anything before very recently. Had never even thought of doing so until I watched over people do that. If I had frozen pizza, it never occurred to me that I could spruce it up. I'm just not creative.

I realized how non-creative I am when I took cake decorating. I spent 12 weeks taking classes and making all kinds of cakes, but it wasn't until I was over at my friend's house making a cake with her that I realized I had never once just played with my icing. I realized this because her family walked in, picked up parchment bags and just started making icing sculptures for fun. Never, ever had it occurred to me to see what I could concoct on my own. I always just copied designs from my books.

It's that whole logico-mathematical thing I have going, I guess. :) So, I appreciate the ideas I get from your blog. I'm so unlikely to think of them myself.

Cate said...

It's always the little things, isn't it? Three hour naps ... and handmade glitter stars. Doesn't get better than that. :)