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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Have a peanut butter sandwich

First, have you heard about the strike? Have you? Have you? Have you?

Besides being stranded in Brooklyn I was also stranded in my apartment waiting for two packages from Fed Ex. Not only do we not have a doorman (it's a small, 6-unit coop), we currently do not have a working buzzer, such losers are we. Anyway, I was unable to go grocery shopping, so we had a make-do dinner. But even when we make do we we do it with style (you following me?). Lane has perfected the peanut butter sandwich to the extent that even friends who claim they do not like peanut butter sandwiches end up loving this sandwich.

Use good white bread. Slather on Smuckers Natural Creamy and Bonne Maman blueberry on one slice. Do not cover. Serve with tall glass of milk.

This sandwich will always remind me of another, much more serious New York disaster, 9/11. I walked home to Brooklyn with a friend and Lane made us these sandwiches when we arrived.

You know that Art Paul Schlosser song,"Have a Peanut Butter Sandwich"? Are you stranded? Are you stuck? Have a peanut butter sandwich. Have a peanut butter sandwich. Do you need a stocking stuffer idea?



Thanks for Mentioning my song and I hope things get better for you-ART PAUL

Co said...

I can vouch for the peanut butter sandwiches. A work of art for sure.

I've heard about the strike. It took me 3 hours to get to Columbia to turn in my final papers/exams. Ugh. It was a nightmare.

Janet M. Kincaid said...

Nothing better than a PB&J. I like more PB than J as an adult. As I kid, I like more J than PB. Funny how your tastes change.

Speaking of PB&J's, I ate a couple of year's ago at the Peanut Butter Sandwich Diner in SoHo, I think. It was sort of disappointing, I have to say. I have to confess: I like my peanut butter emulsified and sweetened. Hence, I buy Peter Pan.

Hope you all are surviving the strike with your usual New Yorker verve. D.C.'ers are softies and litigious wimps. We'd never tolerate or survive an inconvenience like that.