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Friday, December 09, 2005

Japanese-ish noodle soup

Yes, folks, tonight it's a double header. First I would like to say I hope I have not offended anyone by disparaging the chunky streaks. If it turns out that Vanessa Chang has chunky streaks in her hair I'm going to feel like a total jerk.

I've been in the mood for an Asian noodles soup. I used to know how to make miso soup, but it's been a while so I just sort of winged this one.

I started by simmering some kombu seaweed in about 6 cups water. Never boil kombu; it renders a bitter broth. I boiled some soba noodles in the water and then removed them, rinsed in cold water, and set them aside.

Then I mixed about 2T miso paste with some of the broth in a separate bowl before stirring the mixture into the soup. I added chopped carrot, daikon radish, snow peas, tofu, shitake mushrooms, and dulse seaweed. I don't really like daikon radish but I always add it when I attempt Japanese food out of a vague sense of obligation. The tofu was from pad Thai a while back. I used only half and froze the rest as an experiment. When it thawed it retained its firmness but not its soft there you go.

To serve I put noodles in our bowls first and then added the soup on top. That way the noodles don't get too soggy. We both added a lot of soy sauce to our servings.

Incidentally, Jasper found the snow peas intensely disturbing. He'd seen me shell peas in the spring and summer, and knew peas in their frozen form as well. So when I said "snow PEAS" he thought little round green things. But there I am with these flat, long things. He said "open, open!" and when I did he reacted with horror. "OH NO, MOMMY!!!" Obviously the peas had suffered some sort of disastrous genetic accident that left them tiny and shriveled.

He was happier with our first Christmas cookies of the season. You have to use a lot of sprinkles if you're too lazy to make frosting.


janeannechovy said...

I'm a big fan of sprinkles on cookies, because I am a lazy chef, but also because the frosting takes the crisp out of the cookies (and I am all about that crispy browned butter goodness) if you don't eat them RIGHT THAT SECOND. I have colored sugar in about a million different colors, mostly bought at post-holiday clearance sales.

I'm starting to make my award-winning caramels and fudge tomorrow!

Co said...

I used to freeze tofu in college. Supposedly, if you freeze it and then defrost it and squeeze it out, it makes a more meat-like consistency that is easier to cook with. I was half successful with that, but always felt like there was some secret or trick I was missing.

Enjoy the cookies!