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Thursday, December 08, 2005

MSLO is not exactly banging down my door

The camera is back in action so I was able to upload some lost images. If you look back at Monday's post you'll see a photo of the chicken. I'm still learning how to photograph food so that it does not look revolting. I'll get there someday.

And as promised, I added a photo of my glitter star garlands and the Ogden snowflakes to Tuesday's post.

This is Jasper after his bath tonight. He paused for about 30 seconds and took off. I was blinking. Dinner was store-bought Chinese pot stickers with steamed spinach because I worked my shift at the Food Cult tonight.

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shaunamama said...

Jasper has cheeks that beckon kisses....I'm sure you've noticed that about him. My son has the same kissable beacons, and one even has a dimple which makes them even more irresistable!

The stars, and the chicken look great!