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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Pomegranate glazed ham

I'd better just confess this now in case anyone was looking forward to reading what I make for Christmas dinner: we're going out for Chinese this Christmas.

Yeah, bah humbug and all of that. I can't remember whose idea it was, but since we were already skipping our annual Thanksgiving kitchen festival we figured we might as well make it a sweep and eat out on Christmas day as well.

But then I'm inundated by all the holiday meats: turkey, ham, goose. I must give in to a pre-Christmas dinner, a miniature nip of what I ought to be making on Sunday. So I bought a two-and-a-half-pound smoked ham, glazed it simply with pomegranate syrup, and roasted it. I also mashed three Yukon gold potatoes with one sweet potato and a bunch of steamed spinach for a side (lots of butter). Here the ham can be seen peeking out from behind the mashed vegetable bush.

I have to mention here one of the few Martha Stewart Living shows I've ever watched (really!). Her guest was none other than Aretha Franklin, there to show us all how to make her Coca-Cola glazed ham. There was fussy, formal Martha, trying to engage Arethra in a conversation on the technicalities of the recipe. But Aethra was having none of it. She just desultorily dumped that jug of cola on the ham, speared on a few pineapple rings, and threw it in the oven.

In addition to my pre-Christmas dinner I also baked some more sugar cookies (to decorate tomorrow) and, most fun of all, entertained some old friends for lunch. We've known Brad and Cherie for nearly a decade and used to enjoy visiting them in New Haven (and hosting them in New York). But then we started having children and we never saw each other again.

Until today, when they brought their two kids, Zoe and Axel. We had some cous cous salad (with butternut squash, preserved lemon, capers, olives, bacon, meyer lemon juice, and olive oil) for lunch and then later I served some treats from a Takashimaya tea box we were recently sent as a gift: ginger peach tea with puffed rice cookies and ginger cookies.

Naptimes were suspended to maximize playtime and adult chatting until the kids started to crash.

Our guests made their way back north, braving whatever traffic nightmare the transit strike provided today.

The strike it off, though! Happy for everyone.

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