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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Roast duck with cranberry-tangerine sauce

The ducks at the Coop keep calling to me, but I've been resisting because I feel like ducks are for special occasions and I'd have to make a fancy sauce and some sort of exciting side dish. But today I gave in to the ducks even though it's just an ordinary Thursday and I had no time for exciting side dishes.

Ordinarily you would want to slow roast a duck for 3-4 hours. But I didn't have that much time. I started by rubbing the bird with salt and paprika, then piercing the breast skin in several places. You do this without puncturing the flesh below; the purpose is to drain out the thick layer of fat while the duck roasts. I put the duck on a rack breast side down and roasted for an hour at 450 degrees. Then I turned the duck breast up and roasted another half hour to crisp the skin. And it turned out well. The flesh was still juicy and I'd rendered out most of the breast fat.

I'd also stuffed the duck with some fresh parsley and half an onion. I don't think it's common practice to stuff ducks, and I'm not sure why. But I thought the stuffing would add a little flavor, not that duck isn't already very flavorful already.

Because duck is such a rich bird I thought cranberries would be a good, astringent accompaniment. I simmered one bag of fresh cranberries with the juice and zest of a large tangerine (about 1/2 cup juice) until the berries had burst and the sauce thickened. I think adding a pinch of salt takes the edge off of cranberry sauce at bit. And the extra sweet tangerine makes the sauce less tart.

As for the side dishes, I cut up a crusty loaf of bread and sliced a cucumber. Laziest salad ever! Lane also had some of the stuffing onion.


puddle said...

Usually don't stuff a duck or a goose because the fat rendering during cooking soaks the stuffing and pretty much ruins it.

Love your blog by the way. It's on my opening fan in firebox; came your way, I think, by way of writermama or east village idiot. . . . Small world, this blogosphere, eh?

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jc said...

This one sure looks good!