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Thursday, January 05, 2006

And I must boast

...because I am so very proud of Lane: he designed the packaging for the new Starbucks Black Apron coffees.


Anonymous said...

This is way cool! I'm tempted to buy a box just so I can say I know the artist. Hmm--what can I do with coffee besides drink it or put it in chocolate desserts?

Swizzies said...

Wow, that is so cool! How did he hook up with Starbucks? I am an unabashed Starbucks fan, so I'm way into it. JA - you can buy the box and send me the coffee - there are two big coffee-lovers in my house. :-) And a Starbucks just down the road from us. Mmmmm.

Janet M. Kincaid said...

Wow! This is so fantastic! Congratulations, Lane. That's a HUGE account to win. And, ironically, my humble non-profit is honoring Starbucks this month with a gala dinner in D.C. We're recognizing them for their leadership in recycling and the environment. They're the first beverage/food company to work with their suppliers to create a cup with 10% post consumer recovered fiber! Read more here:

Congrats again, Lane and Adriana!


Margo, darling said...

Adriana, pass on my hugest congratulations to Mr. Twitchell.

shaunamama said...

Holy cow!!! That is so freaking cool!!! I have to get a box!!! Or two or three!!!
Please pass on my Congratulations to Lane! TEll him ,"Whether you're designing Van's shoes or coffee boxes, you ROCK!!!!!"