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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Breaking the rules

I just shuffled through the day. Lately my batteries have been running a little low, and I think it's because I just started menstruating again for the first time since my pregnancy (sorry if that's too much information) so I'm probably anemic. Time to start taking iron supplements again! But today I reached the nadir, the abyss of airheadedness. I even referred to the toy store Toy Space as Space Kidetts. Exactly.

No wonder I just kept letting things slide. We had a play date with Shelley and Emmett and Jasper hit Emmett twice over the toys. Now that Jasper is two he's old enough for time out -- two minutes, according to that television super nanny (isn't that where you get all your parenting tips?). But the chaos of the morning was too much for me so he got off with just a scolding.

On the way home we stopped by Toy Space so I could pick up some party favors for Saturday. And I ended up buying a slinky, some sea creatures, and this stupid egg game Jasper became obsessed with. Lane and I had agreed we wouldn't buy him any more toys for his birthday (he already has a play dough set and a big robot coming to him) but I was weak, WEAK I tell you, weak.

Just as we were leaving a friend of mine who had a baby three months ago called. She doesn't live in Brooklyn anymore so we don't get to talk very often. Jasper started squawking in his stroller and I assumed he wanted to get out and walk. He didn't. He wanted to nurse. So because I really wanted to have this conversation I broke my rule and found a bench to nurse on while I talked on the phone for 45 minutes. He fell asleep in seconds, but woke towards the end of the conversation so it wasn't much of a nap for him.

We proceeded down 7th Avenue and I ran into Lori, mother of two and friend of Shelley's. And then two blocks later I ran into another friend who just had a baby almost two months ago. I hadn't seen the baby or her yet, so we stopped to chat a while. Meanwhile I got a message on voicemail from the mother of another two-year-old named Jasper I met at the playground this summer. And while at Shelley's sister, Julie came over to see some photos from Shelley's trip to Utah. It was raining mothers this afternoon. I spend all of December in a bubble, just me and Jasper, and then suddenly we're back in the world again and it's partly just happy accident.

We made a short stop at the toy trains in Barnes and Noble before heading home by 4:00, where I revived myself with leftovers and some tea before trudging back out to the Food Coop.

One of the goals of the slow food movement is using food in season and I really do try most of the time. But today I saw skirt steak and thought, fajitas! So I bought tortillas (ok), two avocados (sad, golf-ball-like unripe ones), a tomato (so not in season), cilantro and onion for guacamole. I prefer eating grilled steak and guacamole in the summer. The avocados are in better shape, the tomatoes are deep red and flavorful, and you can cook outdoors. But today's stove-grilled fajitas really hit the spot. And anyway, cow is always in season. I forgot to photograph dinner before we ate it. Now it's all gone.

Upon our return Jasper whacked me with a toy (what's with all the hitting?!?) so I gathered up my energy and gave him a two-minute time out for the first time ever. The first minute he thought it was all a big joke. But the second minute really got him thinking. Later over dinner he kept tipping the table and I threatened a time out. And it worked! But then just before bedtime he kicked me in the face and we had another time out. I think all this violence is just misdirected enthusiasm. But I definitely need to nip it in the bud.

Yesterday I didn't post at all because I didn't do much cooking. I devoted the afternoon and evening to making the above party decorations. Tomorrow I shall endeavor to bake a matching monkey cake. I've never done cake decorating, so it will be a great challenge. I must remember to take my iron supplement.

Speaking of Jasper's birthday, Luciana made these magical pajamas for him. (She also imports the groovy slippers from Argentina. You can find her stuff at Romp, Firefly, and several other Brooklyn stores.) They read "sueno espacia" in glittery blue. Before he went to bed Jasper insisted I photograph his construction worker Elmo and Zoe.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm just impressed that Jasper will do his time--Anders would never do it unless we held him down or put him in the teeny tiny powder room downstairs and sit against the door (it opens into the hallway). This week we've taken away TV as a punishmnent, and to my great surprise and delight it seems to have worked, at least so far. We said that for every ten minutes he delays going to bed after we tell him to start getting ready (usually within a few minutes of official "jammie time" at 7:30), he loses one day of TV privileges (mostly PBS kids, but lately he has become an ESPN addict--!). The first day he lost two days, the second day one, and now we've had two days where he hasn't dawdled at all. Gosh, I hope it keeps working--fighting with him about getting ready for bed, as he rapidly gets more and more tired and moves from recalcitrant to intractable, and eventually forcibly removing his clothes and be-jammying him is agony for all of us.

But anyway--love the party decorations. Let me guess--MSK?

shaunamama said...

I love the decorations! You must post pics of the cake! I'm sure everyone would love to see it. I've been running on low batteries myself lately...

My kids respond very well to time out. They also do really well with losing, nintendo, xbox, stereo, gameboy...leapster, leapad...etc.

At this age, it is so easy to be weak when it comes to gifts, especially for grandparents (my hubby's folks only have four grandkids, so they feel that they should go hogwild).

Have a great party!!!

Adriana Velez said...

MSK? But of course!