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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Four Things Meme

Margo, darling tagged me for this meme. And now I feel obligated to go out and find a recipe for pad kee mao.

Four Jobs I've Had
1. Executive Editor at the meanest ole test prep company in the East
2. Senior Editor at the meanest ole test prep company in the East
3. Editor at the meanest ole test prep company in the East
4. Copyeditor at the meanest ole test prep company in the East

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
1. Magnolia
2. What's Up Doc
3. Black Hawk Down (not sure why -- maybe because it's Frontline with Josh Hartnett, Orlando Bloom, and Ewan McGregor?)
4. Finding Nemo -- not because I love it but because it's Jasper's favorite movie and I have, in fact, watched it over and over and survived with my sanity intact.

Four Places I've Lived
1. Denver, Colorado
2. Roosevelt Island, New York
3. Brooklyn, New York
4. Nerja, Spain

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch
1. Frontline
2. Oprah
3. What Not To Wear, British version
4. Curb Your Enthusiasm

Four Places I've Been on Vacation
1. Ronda, Spain
2. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
3. Juneau, Alaska
4. Yorkshire, England

Four Blogs I Visit Daily
1. Shaunamama's Ramblings -- she went to high school with Lane! Small world...
2. DC Rush Hour -- Janet's musings on life in Washington. Especially like the occasional rants against conservative politics.
3. Backwards Attraction -- for a daily photographic treat
4. I, too, am a fan of More Mama Than Writer, which, like most mom-blogs, is about much more than being a mom

Honorable mention goes to The Great Whatsit, which is just about to be relaunched with a new and improved format. More about it when it's ready!

Four of My Favorite Foods
1. Green & Black's dark chocolate bar
2. pistachios
3. Point Reyes blue cheese
4. scallops

Four Places I'd Rather Be
1. Nerja
2. Jaques Torres' shop
3. Thailand (or so I think)
4. Ten Thousands Waves spa in Sante Fe

Four Albums I Can't Live Without
1. Soundtrack to Xanadu -- side 1 is by ELO and pure magic. Side 2 is other stuff and pure crap. I was watching Xanadu on HBO when I got my period for the first time.
2. Abbey Road
3. The Pines of Rome -- I don't even know who recorded the copy I have.
4. Sountrack to The Life Aquatic -- proof that I am truly uncool, I have not one but two soundtracks on my list. I don't know why I need to listen to this album at least once a week. Bowie by way of Brazil, who can explain?

Four Vehicles I've Owned
1. Buff Ford Fairmont -- I learned to drive on Dad's red convertable Fiat, but he thought the Fairmont would be a safer car for me.
2. Charcoal Ford EXP -- discontinued almost immediately after it was launched, a combination of the mustang and the escort. This was my college car. I scraped up the sides driving in and out of my parking garage. The vinyl top came undone and I re-attached it with duct tape. I crunched up the hood in a fender-bender and kept it in place with a bungee cord which would occasionally come undone on Utah's freeways, causing the hood to pop up and block my view of the road. Just a little bit dangerous.
3. Blue 1986 Toyota Corolla -- we owned one for a few years. It was more Lane's car, since he did all the driving and maintenence. After my experience with the EXP I decided I'm just not cut out for car ownership. We held onto this one until I became pregnant, and then we decided we needed one less thing to take care of and sold it.
4. Canary yellow Audi station wagon -- not really my car. Someone in my neighborhood has one and parks it on our street. If I could have a car this would be it.

Four Taggees
1. Shaunamama's Ramblings
2. DC Rush Hour
3. New kid on the blog, It's okay to like math
4. And because we're always nagging her to post something, anything! Swiss Account

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Margo, darling said...

Good album choices. Soundtracks come sometimes be exactly what you want to listen to--I still love the soundtrack to Blow, even though the movie Blew. The Pines of Rome going around while we were at BYU was St. Martin's in the Fields. Maybe that's it?