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Because maybe you do care what I had for lunch...

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Oh what the hell. Do you ever get the sense that I'm just making stuff up here? Half the time I am. Today I made grits with beef stock instead of water. It came out... beefy. Then I sauteed a bell pepper and some cremini mushrooms with garlic and olive oil (can we pretend I had the sense to add a couple sprigs of thyme? It would have been just the thing.) and set them aside. I read recently in Kids that a shortcut to meatballs is just slicing up sausage. So I sliced up some delectable lamb sausage and browned the "balls," then braised them in a little red wine. Then I threw in the veggies and melted in a tub of ricotta. I served it atop the grits. It was as I wrote above, total mush. But also very tasty. This is home cooking at its homeliest.

And while I'm at it, beware ye mortals of boasting of your abundant sleep, for the gods will hear you and curse you with a restless toddler at 5:00 a.m. Jasper tossed and turned in my bed and his for at least two hours, finally settling down around 7:00 and sleeping like the dead until after 11:00 (about the same time a friend was leaving a voicemail asking if we'd like to get together). And I've had it. We are missing out on fun playdates with this schedule!

I sabotaged his nap this afternoon (which took place at 5:30 as usual) so that he slept only half an hour. So between his restless morning's sleep and that he was finally, oh praise Great Hera, ready to sleep at a more reasonable hour. He finally conked out at 10:15, which is still admittedly late for most toddlers but for me close enough. Now let's see if he makes it through the night and rises when I do. I've committed to a playdate Thursday morning so Wednesday is our transition day.

I feel like I'm heading into Erma Bombeck territory here. No, I will not go gently into that bowl of cherry pits!


shaunamama said...

This mortal would never boast about the abundance of her sleep. There's no abundance here for me. When I should be sleeping I can't. My brain just won't shut down. (I'm saying that in a loud voice...) Our son likes to find his way into our bed at least once a night muttering something about a bad dream or just needing snuggles. I can usually sleep with him there, but some nights...not so much and then I give up and put him back in his bed after a couple of hours of laying there convincing myself I can really get up if I just try.
Anyway...true to form, there I go rambling again. What I meant to say was:
Good luck with transition day!!!!

Co said...

It's Colleen, going as "Co" for some reason now.

Anyway, I think it's great that you can just make things up when you're cooking. I'm jealous even. I made Thai curry last week (from a recipe of course), and it inspired a friend of mine to make Thai something or other. I was fascinated by how she just threw things she had together, tasted, made some adjustments, and had a delicious dinner. Kudos to you, too.

Swizzies said...

I dig you the most, A - you know that. But this is one funky sounding meal, I gotta say. Beefy grits and lamb sausage/mushroom/ red wine/ricotta sauce? Hmm. I trust you, so I believe you if you say it tasted good. But I'm not thinking the lack of thyme sprig was what might make or break this dish. ;-) You are a food pioneer!! I want you to have your own show, and they can just take Rachael Ray away quietly into the night...