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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Pad Thai for everyone

You need bright flavors and colors on a cold, steel-gray winter day like today. You need pad thai. I used a recipe from this weekend's Times Magazine. I posted a pad thai recipe from Saveur a few months ago that I like, but it's better suited for a dinner party with adults. The flavors are more intense and it yields more servings than a small family can consume. (And about those colors, Lane left the camera at the studio so no pictures today, I'm sorry to say.)

The recipe in the Times is more subtly flavored and serves about four. With the addition of broccoli and carrots it also makes for an ideal, balanced, all-in-one-dish meal. I used half the amount of shrimp and added about a pound of tofu. I also added one chopped red bell pepper and used sunflower sprouts instead of bean (Coop was out). I liked the way the noodles cooked much better with this recipe than with Saveur's, by the way. They soaked up the sauce but didn't go sticky. The dish was a little on the dry side, however, so I would add an extra 1/4 cup water.

Ah, the weekend Times. Before Jasper I used to joke that Lane and I attended the Church of the New York Times on Sundays. We would have a gloriously leisurely breakfast and slowly make our way through the paper. Soon after Jasper was born we cancelled our subscription because he wouldn't let us read and we couldn't deal with the extra mess all that paper made. Now we're reduced to scanning headlines and skimming the occasional story online.

I think we're getting a little closer to returning to that ritual, though we're apparently making little progress on the hitting issue. Today he was doing that overly-excited hitting again and I threatened time out. Jasper perked up and said, with a joyful gleam in his eyes, "time out?" No, son, it's not supposed to be fun. At least his dinner manners are improving. He sat at the table the entire time and was Mr. Charm, eating and chatting away. You'd never know this was the same person who napped only half an hour (at 5:30!). Lucky for me I took my iron pill. Holy smokes does it make a difference! Do they lace that stuff with cocaine or am I really that anemic? I didn't take it yesterday and felt like a spare tire with 200,000 miles on it. Today I felt like a spry young teen.

I fear I am now heading into that tedious, navel-gazing aspect of blogging so characteristic of Dooce, so I'd better stop. Lane enjoys reading blogs over my shoulder, but he can't stand Dooce (and I am ashamed of how regularly I read it myself). Today her post is on a snowboarding trip. Other days it's about her troubled digestive system. But she writes some engaging posts about her daughter and I guess that's why I read it: the law of random reinforcement. Lane wants me to take Dooce down. He wants me to create an anti-Dooce blog. But I'm not about that negativity. I'm trying to stay positive here. Yo, peace out.


shaunamama said...

I love those Sunday mornings...we used to do the same thing when we had a real paper to read. The only thing the newspapers here are good for is lining bird cages (the really good issues, anyway).

Glad the iron pill is working. You must have plenty of Vitamin C in your diet, since you're getting such great results.

Next time you fix this dish..take a pic..I'd love to see what it looks like though it sounds yummy just the same.

janeannechovy said...

Hey--that recipe is from a Portland chef! And we've eaten at the Gotham Bldg Tavern, which is just across the river from us. The Hebberoys (a name they came up with by combining theirs) also are responsible for clarklewis (which won best restaurant from the Oregonian last year) and Family Supper, neither of which we've tried. Actually, I seem to remember they've stopped doing Family Supper. We'll try to hit at least one of their establishments WHEN you come visit.

We've also eaten at Park Kitchen, and the Doliches live in our neighborhood and their daughter went to the same preschool as Anders.

Thai takeout is very easily available here, but the pad thai from the place we usually go to (we just had it on Saturday) doesn't have any green stuff in it. I really like the idea of making my own and including stuff like broccoli.

A, I made a venison roast on Sunday using that recipe you posted. For the fruity red wine, a very helpful fellow customer helped me pick out an Australian shiraz. And I didn't have gin or currants for the sauce (currants aren't in season, and I'm not going to buy a fifth of gin so I can have a third cup for a recipe), so I used water and (thawed frozen) blueberries. Also, maybe it was because my roast was thicker, or maybe I didn't sear it for long enough on the stove, but I found the cooking times to be grossly underestimated. However, the recipe was a big hit with all the grownups and at least one of the kids, and I'll probably make it again.