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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Party down, excellent, woo woo woo

It's a bitter cold day and we are snuggling inside, recovering from yesterday's adventures. Jasper's party was fun, partly because we kept it small, just three other toddlers and their parents. There was almost no fighting. And we had enough cake and dumplings, though we could have had more sparkling water. Lane and I were so into the party that we kept forgetting to take pictures! But we did manage to get the classic cake shots.

Most of my ideas (including the cake) came from Martha Stewart Kids. I hope to come up with my own birthday party ideas someday, but the magazine served as an excellent primer. I thought one organized game would be fun and set up pin-the-banana-on-the-monkey. But guess what. Toddlers hate being blindfolded -- of course. So each kid took turns sticking a banana on the picture and then returned to the real fun, the room of toys. It just made me happy that everyone had a great time.

We cleaned up afterwards -- ok, Lane cleaned up and I collapsed on the floor and then we got ready for our next adventure, Odyssey to Katonah. Lane is in a group show at the art museum there. So we put on our rain gear, took the train into the city (trains from Brooklyn were a mess this weekend), and met Georgia at the car rental.

It was a dark and stormy afternoon as we left the city, and Jasper was in a cranky mood from his too-brief nap. So while Lane navigated the way through sheets of water and closed roads I spent most of the time singing to the boy and fighting off car sickness. But we finally made it.

My favorite thing about the Katonah museum is the children's center with shelves of books and drawers of crayons and activities. If only every opening I went to was this entertaining for Jasper. Afterwards we went to a reception at a museum supporter's house, one of those stunning glass houses I love with slate everywhere. They wouldn't let us move in with them so we had to finally depart for home, where the three of us each fell asleep almost immediately after our action-packed day.

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