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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ravioli with cherry pistachio pesto

Ordinarily I treat Union Mark-up (owned by Gourmet Garage proprietors) as a food museum because most of what they carry I can buy at the Food Cult for half as much. But they do have some things I can't get at the Coop, such as prepared foods (like rosemary rotisserie chicken, little on the dry side), preserved lemons without the mucky spices, and a larger variety of specialty, froo froo produce.

Their ravioli is particularly good, so today I picked up a package of spinach and a package of goat cheese and rosemary. I also bought some fresh mandarin oranges with the leaves still attached -- so pretty I couldn't resist. They are sweetly-clean tasting and seed-free, though I still prefer the tangy mineola tangeloes due out next month.

I did the rest of my shopping at the Coop, of course. I shopped rather aimlessly and figured dinner out when I got home. The ravioli I bought would be perfectly good on it's own with just olive oil or butter, but I wanted to make a sauce. So I pureed about a cup of fresh cherries with a cup of pistachios, quarter cup of Parmesan, quarter cup of olive oil, and a tablespoon of meyer lemon juice.

Here's Jasper helping me juice the lemon.

It came out well enough, though the cherry was nearly indistinguishable. If I were to do it again I'd cook the cherries in a little bit of butter first to release and carmelize the sugars. That would give them a little more presence and probably also give the sauce more color. It was sort of a brownish, which is why I let the oranges upstage the ravioli in the picture.

Meanwhile, another skinny white boy succumbs to rock and roll.

Cousin Garrin sent this t-shirt to Jasper as a birthday present. I've been coveting the ACDC/ABCD shirts on other babies for these last two years and now here's my very own! Er, here's Jasper's very own.

I think he's narrowed in on his first transitional object. Cuddly stuffed monkey? No. Cozy handmade afghan? Of course not. Little metal helicopter named Harold. I wish I could take a picture of him sleeping with it clutched in his little hand.


shaunamama said...

The dinner sounds wonderful! I am truly a sucker for good ravioli. Yum. It sounds so very tasty!

I LOVE THAT T-SHIRT! That is so stinkin' cute! My son is so proud of his The Beatles shirt, done in the same black/silver theme. But the abcd thing, that's just priceless. How adorable!

Thanks for the sweet comment on the earrings. If you wear hoops, I'd love to make you a pick the color. (I may have them already made...they became quite addicting to make..they're not only fun but they're simple.)

Swizzies said...

Helicopter called Harold - classic! Heh heh heh... That boy is twisted, Adriana - just like his parents! :-)