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Friday, January 13, 2006

Squash and apple soup with cheese dogs

Lane took this picture.

When I was at Shelley's yesterday she let me try a delicious squash and apple soup she'd made. "It's from the Bittman," she told me. "I don't have the Bittman, but the Coop does so I'll just look it up there." You can guess what happened: the Coop didn't have the Bittman so I had to fake it.

I diced two apples (pink lady) and one very small kubocha squash I'd steamed lightly a couple days ago and simmered them in about three cups of chicken broth until the fruit was soft. Then I just mashed it all with a potato masher and added a little bit of cream. It didn't quite taste like Shelley's soup, but it was good enough.

Yesterday, while in my fajita mood, I also spotted the extra-long hot dogs from Dines Farms. Tonight I grilled them on one side, the turned them over, cut a slit in each, and filled with sharp cheddar and mozzarella. I covered the dogs after returning them to the pan and then neglected them. The cheese oozed out and started to fry, turning into little crackers. They were actually pretty tasty -- Lane liked them.

I put the dogs and their remaining cheese on skinny baguettes. Lane found great delight in dipping these into his soup. He is often astoundingly easy to please. Meanwhile...

Behold, I have created MONKEY!

And it was surprisingly a lot of fun. I've never decorated a cake before and managed this without any frosting tools beyond a couple spatulas and a baby spoon. Now that I've made my cake and had a kid I think I will spring for some cake decorating tools for future confections.


Anonymous said...

That cake is adorable!!! Plus, it's chocolate, and you can hardly go wrong with chocolate, right? I must confess I'm very lazy when it comes to birthday cakes, and for most of Anders's birthdays we've had a storebought cake, usually a Guinness stout chocolate cake frosted with ganache. But we've trained Anders well--he now thinks that all birthday cakes should be chocolate.

Should you ever find yourself in the position of needing a recipe from "The Bittman" again, by all means call me. It's on my shelf (along with the new Bittman, "The Best Recipes in the World," which I got for Christmas, and various Burros, Child, Kennedy, Kimball and Moosewood volumes), and since it's three hours earlier here, it's likely I'd be a) home and b) not busy, so therefore willing and able to read off a recipe.

shaunamama said...

Brilliant on the cake!!! Just absolutely brilliant!!! I love's so adorable!
My son would absolutley love it. He loves monkeys almost as much as he loves Spiderman. (He's been into Spidey since he was Jasper's age.)
The soup sounds wonderful...I'm going to try to be more daring in my cooking...I should give this one a try.

Margo, darling said...

Great monkey cake! As for the dinner, I'm tempted to go get myself the lowbrow version of your cheese dogs. That would be the francheezie sandwich available at the diner on the corner. Bacon, american cheese, hot dogs, squishy buns, what could be better?

Co said...

Great job with the cake! I'm so impressed!

If you do decide to buy some cake decorating tools, by all means, feel free to ask me if you have questions about stuff, although you probably already know a lot about it. I have all kinds of decorating tools in my caddy, books, magazines, etc. I used to be really into it.

vanessa said...

dig the cake. there should be more monkeys in everyone's lives.

finally getting 'round to it, but thanks for the shout out during the SLC eats post. And no worries about your commentary on life here. It's odd, I don't deny it. But there are pockets of salvation where the food is good, the politics varied (slightly liberal leaning), and the people open-minded. I admit, there is an inferiority complex here. But then again, there are alot of folks doing their own thing without really caring who thinks what, which is also cool.

and btw, i recently got streaks in my hair. a whole life of dark brown/black just gave way to some fire engine red. It's been just too grey here. :)