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Friday, January 20, 2006

Zero-effort tapas

Maybe it's the unseasonably warm weather. I woke up with that excited vacation feeling I get whenever I travel to a warmer climate in the middle of winter, and that feeling stayed with me all day. Or maybe it's because I saw an Almodovar movie yesterday during Jasper's naptime. But I was in the mood for Spanish tapas this evening.

I bought most of the ingredients at the Coop. The only rule was that I would not buy anything that had to be prepared beyond slicing. I bought a bottle of roasted red peppers and a bottle of artichokes in water (much less slimy than in olive oil, and easier as finger food), a tin of sardines in lemon juice, some mixed Spanish olives, and some clementines. From Blue Apron I bought a sheep and goat cheese called Iberica and some Serrano ham. I had at home a day-old baguette, whole wheat Carr's crackers (my favorite), some rosemary crackers, a jar of anchovies, some homemade grape jam (from Luciana of the magical pajamas), and one last mandarin orange.

We started with a very un-Spanish cocktail. Let's call them Nipponomeyers. Lane mixed juice from one meyer lemon for each jigger of sake and served in glasses rimmed in powdered sugar. Dave happened to be in the neighborhood so he joined us and brought a very dry Spanish sherry -- white and not at all sweet, dry and perfect for tapas. The only thing missing was some sort of soft cheese, but otherwise this was most satisfying. We finished off dinner with some ice cream sandwiches.

Somehow Jasper is still awake at 10:35. He hasn't had a nap today. Lately he's been taking his nap later in the afternoon and going to bed later. Last night he napped from 5:30 to 8:00, and then didn't fall asleep until midnight. When I took him to the zoo today I hoped it would tire him out enough to put him back on schedule, but no. He is confusing himself with a Spanish kid. Maybe that's another reason why I was in the mood for tapas.

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