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Friday, February 03, 2006

Another enchilada failure

First I couldn't find enough chile powder for the sauce, so I substituted with cayenne pepper. But I used way too much and the inner lining of my nose began searing away. So I dumped that sauce and started over with more chile powder I managed to find. Only I somehow managed to burn the chile, plus I was out of garlic and chicken broth so the sauce was on the bland side in addition to tasting burnt.

WHAT IS MY HANGUP WITH ENCHILADAS? This is especially vexing because I'd come up with two great ideas for the filling. I can only surmise that enchiladas take more time and focus than I can devote when I'm with Jasper. Can I use his lack of nap today as an excuse? Probably not, since just as I was getting started my neighbor invited him to play upstairs for 20 minutes.

I tell you this, amigo. We are not finished with la guerra enchiladas. I will make good enchiladas. Oh yes. I will make them.

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