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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Do you know quorn?

Some friends of ours introduced us to quorn a few years ago. It's a meat substitute made from some sort of fungus. Wait, come back!

Are you still with me? Thanks. So quorn is an alternative to soy-based meat substitutes. Perhaps you've read all the literature on how soy will muck up your hormones if eaten in large amounts. Or maybe you just want a little variety in your vegetarian diet. Lane and I don't have any compelling reasons to eat quorn since we are enthusiastic carnivores. We just like the novelty of it.

Our preferred incarnation (ha ha) or quorn is the "chicken" patty. Perhaps you remember the breaded fried chicken from Chick-fil-A? My grandmother used to take us there for lunch when we were kids. The quorn patties taste a lot like those. I made sandwiches with the patties, rosemary cibatta, applewood smoked cheddar, greens, and tomato. Proof that if you dress up the mediocre it's comes out surprisingly palatable. I think that's the concept our current administration is running on, by the way.


Margo, darling said...

Baby, you had me at Chik-filet. My grandmother used to take us there, too--it was her favorite lunch. She always called it chik-a-flix, though, and I was never sure if she was being funny, or if this was what she really thought the name was.

I'm totally buying these. They sound better than those overly-salty Morningstar Farms chik-patties (which I not so secretly really love to over-microwave and eat like chickenish-jerky.

Lisa Dickey said...

All hail Quorn! Also, try their chicken tenders for stir-fry. Yum yum -- I'm a carnivore too, who cooks at home for a vegetarian, and I love 'em. Beware the "naked cutlets," however. Not so good.

Co said...

I have never heard of quorn! Cool!

I was a soy junkie during my vegetarian days, so good to know there's an alternative. If I can ever convince L to join to food coop again, maybe we'll catch up on our quorn.

I must say, it's good that you remind me sometimes that sandwiches can be dinner. I always feel like "dinner" has to be bigger than sandwiches. Not so. Sandwiches can be awesome.

I used to live in North Carolina, so I know Chick-Fil-A. I also know Bojangles, which I liked better than Chick-Fil-A. My wife, L, is a big fan of Hardees from our trip down south. And of course, there's the Waffle House. Oh, memories of chain restaurants.

julie said...

Eek! I have soy milk every morning on my oatmeal. Maybe I should do rice milk now???