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Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's Jaspertime

I've been reveling in Jasper's growing verbal skills. Now that he speaks in sentences it feels like he's out of the toddler phase an into little boyhood. I love how his ability to express himself increasingly articulately reveals more about him. Those of you who find this sort of thing tedious may want to skip this post. There will be no recipes.

Mommy, are you tired?
Oh, my fingers aren't raisiny anymore. They're back to normal! (after a bath)
I watch Toy Story grownups. (the commentary section of the DVD)
(muttering to himself, shaking his head) Those are not cheddar bunnies. No.
Hey, look! I have that book at home.
I go to the Coop and play with the kids. (childcare at the coop)
(Presenting me with flattened play dough) I made you a cake! It has circles on it.
(On two occasions when a child nearby fell) Oh! Are you OK? Are you OK?
Daddy, I love you.

Jasper has figured out how to open the refrigerator and take things out of it. This is getting dangerous. Today he kept taking out the milk carton and the chocolate syrup and requesting a cup. But at least it's made feeding him less of a guessing game. I'm happy to say that he'll at least try everything I cook for dinner, even if he spits it out later and fills up on the starch part of the meal. And he's already developed a taste for dark chocolate -- of course, because that's the only kind of chocolate we buy.

He plays with play dough and legos at least once a day. These seem to be his favorite playthings at the moment. He's obsessed with a Rolie Polie Olie movie a friend loaned us a few weeks ago. Sometimes for fun we look at lemurs online and listen to the noises they make. He knows what dinosaurs are but he hasn't yet learned that they lived a long, long time ago. He loves climbing at the playground but does not ever want to slide. He hasn't yet learned to really play with other children, but he's fascinated by them, especially older boys, and tries to talk to them. He's a really cool kid.

Here's one of the great pleasures of parenthood: I can't wait to see what he does next. Today I worked another shift in childcare at the Coop. One of the other members there is expecting a baby in six weeks. I was so excited for her! She was just adorable in her flushed anticipation and peppered me with questions all afternoon. I couldn't believe how inarticulate I was in telling her what to expect. I just kept using the word "intense." What an exciting place for her to be, the great before. And what a great place Jasper and Lane and I are in now.


shaunamama said...

Oh what a wonderful post! I love this stage. I love every stage..who am I kidding? My sister is expecting her first in September.

These tiny little people are so amazing the way their brains absolutely soak up everything around them. Watching them grow into compassionate thoughtful little beings is such a thrill!It just keeps getting better!

I'll never forget the day my daughter asked her first question. "Daddy??? Whatyadoin?" and the way she used to say spaghetti.... "sag-a-betty". We were watching our videos we made of the kids just the other day and have decided to update our computer so it will turn those analog tapes into DVD's. Those memories are just too precious to lose. I caught so many of my kids' firsts on tape...I couldn't bear to lose them.

Awesome post. Jasper is a living doll!

Swizzies said...

Okay, I just have one question - does Jasper get dark chocolate little melty bits all over his clothes? More importantly, does his mommy? I seem to have zero ability to enjoy my dark chocolate (in this case Michel Cluizel from Paris) without inadvertently getting little 'crumbs' of it on me, and then it melts and becomes a somewhat larger brown spot on my clothes (in this case, light blue sweater). Sheesh. Opposition In All Things, for sure.