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Monday, March 20, 2006

Alphabet soup for the sickie

I was stricken with a cold over the weekend, laid low on Sunday. Today I woke feeling human again, but still stuffed-up and scratchy. It doesn't help that it's still cold and windy outside. I haven't been outdoors for three days. Well, chicken soup was in order.

I've been waiting for an excuse to use these charming little letters. But first, the broth: I put four skinned chicken thighs, two chopped carrots, 1/4 red onion, a few fronds of parsley, two bay leaves, and salt into a pot and simmered them in water for about half an hour. Then I removed everything but the carrots, brought the broth to a boil, and added the letters. Meanwhile I shredded the chicken, adding it back to the soup, and discarded everything else. Just before serving I squeezed half a lemon in for a little zing.

I find spicy food especially comforting when I have a cold. It just seems to break through the fog. My favorite "cold" dish is hot and sour soup. I almost asked Lane to get me some last night but I didn't want to make him go out in the cold after dark when we were all so cozy. So to get my hot and sour kicks tonight I added Thai chili sauce to the soup.

In the picture above you can see the lozenges Lane picked up today at the Coop. They're elderberry flavored with brown rice syrup instead of sugar. I love them.


shaunamama said...

I sure hope you're feeling better soon! I had a head cold for a bit that didn't want to let go for what seemed like weeks. Sure wish I had had this recipe when I was feeling my worst! This sounds terrific!

liz said...

omigosh i love the 718 i have to get one for zane b4 we move!!!! do tell where you got it. we must represent the 718 in the CA

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping you're still not sick Adriana. We've had this bug running through our house for over a month now. First my partner got it. Soon as he was well - I got it. Then my poor father got it, just as I was feeling human again. It just doesn't want to go away. A little tea and spirits will make you well again.

Adriana Velez said...

Liz, you can get the original 718 t's at Refinery on Smith Street, but a lot of other stores in the boro have been copying them.

Anonymous, when you say spirits do you mean scotch?