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Friday, March 17, 2006

Irish Stew

But first, an announcement for New Yorker parents. A friend of mine just returned with goodies from Argentina -- mostly babies' and children's clothes and accessories. Everything Lu brings back is always just so exquisitely adorable in a funky, Latin way. So if you're around Sunday afternoon take a look.

Pequenio Artista
249 20 St. at 5th Ave.

See some of the slippers that will be there along with Lu's own designs here.

Happy St. Patrick's Day. I made an Irish stew from this month's Saveur. It's exceedingly simple, just lamb, potatoes, carrots, onions, and parsley slow-cooked in the oven. You add peas at the very end. The recipe called for shoulder or neck, which I thought I got. But when I came home I discovered I had leg. How did that happen?

It was still tasty. I left the skins on the potatoes and carrots. Jasper had just woken up from an especially long nap and cried through the first half of the meal. But then Lane managed to interest him in the peas and carrots. It's really hard to enjoy an meal when someone's crying.

Does anyone remember McDonald's shamrock shakes? I'm a little obsessed with holiday foods (missed pi day this year, drat!), especially the lowest sort. In fact, I've already consumed one of those hideously sweet Cadbury eggs. Glad I eat only one of those a year. I used to make a point of having the vaguely minty shamrock shake every St. Patrick's Day. It's what you do on St. Patrick's Day when you're a good Mormon girl who lives in Denver and doesn't drink. I don't think McDonald's makes them anymore. And anyway, I'm in my 5th or so year of boycotting McDonald's.

So raise a pint with me and sing Danny Boy. Luck o'the Irish to ye.


shaunamama said...

CHEERS!!! ~clink~ (Doesn't Guiness have an awesome sound in a pilsner?)

Anonymous said...

Apparently there's a website for people advocating the wholesale return of the shamrock shake:

We went out for dinner group tonight, and a number of our group got the corned beef and cabbage. I had medallions of pork loin (after starting with chopped liver on crackers).

Di said...

Mmm, I loves me some chopped liver, but I haven't found any locally yet. Was it sorta gen-u-wine chopped liver (ie, chicken livers), w/ chopped eggs and onions? Mmm. Although I do get heartburn even thinking about eating it, I do soldier through. Like JA, I ask: 'naturally thin'? :-)

Co said...

I never liked the Shamrock Shake, personally. But I agree that it's fun to have a holiday mission.

There was a man with a little cart in Midtown called "The Potato Man." He was never in exactly the same place, but if you could find him, you could buy baked potatoes with fun toppings from his cart. Much more fun than buying a hot dog. One St. Pat's day, I got my coworkers to come with me in search of him, since a baked potato from the Potato Man seemed like a very grand lunch for such a day. We couldn't find him in any of his usual haunts and decided he must've set up shop closer to the parade that year. So, we settled for knishes from Pic-a-Bagel. Not the same at all! We failed in our mission. I wrote despondent math problems for the rest of the day.

I'm so excited to see the non-gay-bashing Brooklyn St. Pat's parade, literally right outside me house tomorrow. Cheers to you from an Irish colleen!

Mary Ellen said...

Adriana, we are plebian food twins. I'm a big fan of the Shamrock Shakes--I think Carl's Jr. or another fast food outlet started doing mint shakes when McD's stopped.

I can't believe the idea of Cadbury Creme Eggs ever got out of development--and I can't help but eat one (at least one) every Easter.

And in spite of all the great Mexican food available in So. Cal, every so often I get a Taco Bell craving that just won't shut off until the kid hands me a burrito supreme and 2 tacos through the drive up window.

Mary Ellen

Anonymous said...

Yes, the chopped liver was of the authentic kind, but could have used a little more schmaltz and caramelized onions. I don't think there were any eggs in it, but the chopped liver sandwich I used to get at the Stage Deli was chopped liver + hard-boiled egg (I wanna say it was the Barbra Streisand?), not chopped liver with hard-boiled egg in it. Anyway, the chef (at Mother's Bistro & Bar, Lisa Schroeder) says it's from her mother's recipe.

Tonight we ate at my brother's house, and we had jerk chicken and rice & peas. They used to live in Jamaica, so it was pretty authentic. I made a KILLER mango salsa to go on top of the chicken (the perfect antidote for the winter food blahs!): 2 large and very sweet mangoes, 1 kiwi, 1/4 med sweet red pepper, a little olive oil, 1 green onion, 1 sm/med shallot, fistful of cilantro. Process in Cuisinart in reverse order just listed (so the onions are in the smallest chunks, and the mangoes in the biggest), adding salt & pepper and a big squeeze of fresh lime at the end.

Adriana, if you can't find the Fran's caramels (I'm not sure where they're made), let me know and I'll send you some. They were something like $9 for a pack of 7-8 small caramels. Alternatively, I could try to do this with my next batch of caramels, only with a little less salt. The current batch of caramels has whole roasted almonds in it, and it's yummy city.

Writermama said...

I can't bring myself to make lamb. Could you make an Irish stew without lamb? (Do I ask the most annoying questions ever?

Anonymous said...

McDondald's does still make Shamrock shakes. I took all three of my kids there for St. Patrick's day and we all got one. They're pretty gross. I remembered them as so much better. I think they changed them. Now they're all air-whipped and weird. The corned beef and cabbage I made for dinner was a much bigger hit with the fam.