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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


After two very busy weeks we're back to our usual lives. And I have a little catching up to do on this blog, so I'll be a little brief today as I cover three meals.

Sunday I made a salad with mixed lentils and Israeli couscous, which has a larger grain than the more familiar version (Park Slopers, you can get it at D'Vine Taste on 7th Ave.). I cooked the lentils until just tender and then tossed them and the couscous with olive oil, mustard, chopped shallots, meyer lemon juice, and shredded mint leaves.

Yesterday I made a dish based on a Donna Hay recipe. I coated boneless pork chops in sesame seeds before frying. Meanwhile I whisked together Thai fish sauce, soy sauce, and sesame oil (about a tablespoon of each). I cooked and drained a package of soba noodles (you could use spaghetti or capellini) and tossed them in the dressing with some shredded mint leaves. Then I sliced the pork and topped the noodles with the slices. For a salad I roughly chopped two mangoes and one cucumber and tossed with more mint.

And today I made another minty salad (it was a large bunch, OK?), Boston lettuce with whole mint leaves, scallions, sesame oil, and apple cider vinegar. We had this with smoked, peppered mackerel, crusty bread, and this delightful triple-cream cheese from Ireland. It came with a shamrock in dill.


shaunamama said...

Your food pics are getting really good, I must say. You make everything look and sound so tasty! I love the Jasper pic too. He's just too cute.

ticklethepear said...

We have a mint plant (in a pot) so that M can make his tea properly. So far I've only used it with making a yogurt accompaniment for curried lentil soup and in a tomato sauce for pasta. Thanks for the additional ideas!

Writermama said...

I LOVE that shamrock cheese. You find the most beautiful edibles.

Adriana Velez said...

Thanks Shauna and Writermama. I do try. I'm just trying to matter!

Sylvia, I'll have to try that curried lentil soup. I love mint in savory dishes. Soon it'll be spring and my mint plant will (hopefully) come back to life.

Anonymous said...

Now, Adriana, don't you go all spawn of Satan on me.