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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Roast chicken again

We had to. Lane and I were both craving it today and it was so chilly and windy.

As I've mentioned before, I like to coat my chicken in butter, salt, and paprika. I do this by mixing the salt and paprika with about 1/3 cup softened butter and then slathering it on with a rubber (well, silicone, actually) spatula. This makes the whole process much easier than what I used to do, which was smear the butter on with my hands and then sprinkle the salt and paprika. The softened butter helps immensely as it is nearly impossible to spread cold butter on a cold, still slightly damp chicken. You should always rinse and pat dry your chicken, but I never seem to be able to dry the bird completely.

Happy Ides of March. Lane and I met 11 years ago today. He was just about to announce this to Jasper and me when Jasper vomited all over him. It must have been the Chinese restaurant we went to for lunch. He'd been playing on the floor and is teething again (last molars) so he always has his fingers in his mouth. We cleaned up and had dinner.

After dinner we watched Lost in Translation and recalled the first time we saw it, back when I was pregnant with Jasper. There's a scene that had made me cry. Bill Murray's character talks about having kids and how after that terrifying moment when your first child is born your life as you know it is over. "But then they learn to walk and to talk. And they become the most delightful people you will ever know." This time Lane was the one to get teary.

We're glad we decided to have a kid. And we're also glad we we got 8 1/2 years to ourselves as a couple before we had him.


Anonymous said...

11 years ago today? At Bart's birthday toga party? Or was it the groomal shower (was that on Bart's birthday, too? I can't remember)?

Shoot--guess I should have remembered to call Bart.

Adriana Velez said...

It was the "Et Tu Barte" birthday toga party!

shaunamama said...

What a wonderful story! I love that line, too!!! It's one of my very favorites!
My hubby and I waited five years before we had ours..I'm glad for that, too. If I had the chance to do it all over again, you bet I would.
Happy Anniversary of sorts!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well I got pregnant on the honeymoon! No waiting around for us! And boy, are we glad we didn't. Otherwise, we would have YEARS ahead of us before we could go out without our kids, or arranging for a babysitter, etc. We are sooooo much closer to freedom! YAHOO!

By the way, Adriana, this is Tiffany. I don't know how to send a blog as a "blogger" as I'm still not sure what that is. I am sending it as anonymous. I am really lame at e-mailing people, but I will send you a longer e-mail the regular way soon. Oh, your e-mail got sent to my junk e-mail folder because of the title "Send me some money quick!" so it took me a while to get it.
Hope all is well.

Writermama said...

Paprika! Thanks! I will do that. Never used paprika to roast a chicken. Just salt and pepper. But paprika! I even like saying the word: "PAPRIKA!"

And now I CAN roast a chicken, cuz after six months without an oven, we finally got one.

Dave said...

OMFG. I roasted a chicken last night for the first time in, like, forever. I used olive oil, garlic, and thyme. Not bad, but not spectacular. And tonight I had dinner with Bryan and Stephanie and they made -- wait for it -- roast chicken. Crazy.

Adriana Velez said...

Here's my theory on the city-wide chicken roasting -- it's suddenly cold again, so you feel like turning on the oven to make you feel cozy. But since it's almost spring you still want something light. Roast chicken!

Tiffany, so much for my pryamid scheme. Hope to hear from you soon!