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Friday, March 17, 2006

Spaghetti squash with meatballs again

Yes, my dear readers, another repeat! When last I made this dish (which I can't link because Blogger is buggy tonight) there was no sausage at the Coop to turn into meatballs. But today there was sweet Italian pork sausage. Here it is, cut into little pieces.

Before starting the sauce I browned the meatballs. True, they look a lot more like chunks of sausage than real meatballs. But once you've got the sauce mixed in, who can tell? Just drain the sausage oil before adding the sauce. I seldom use parsley, but I bought some today for tomorrow's dinner and threw a little in. It was a nice change from the usual basil or oregano.

I was still hungry after this meal. I had a little yogurt and now here I am, eating some stale rosemary crackers we've had sitting around forever. It's that or Cheddar Bunnies. Why don't we keep snacks around here? I'm always opening the pantry in search of the snacks I never buy. Why don't I buy snacks? Where are the snacks in my life?


shaunamama said...

We had spaghetti the night you made roast chicken. Mine doesn't seem nearly as tasty as yours. I'll have to use sausage next time.

I do the "magic cupboard" thing all the time. I go and open the doors, look and close them again. A few minutes later I go back and look and close them again. What am I hoping for? Something to magically appear? It never does so why do I keep it up? I don't buy a lot of snacks either. My husband thinks I'm too far right on the frugal side sometimes but I sure wish the cupboard would start working so I wouldn't have to worry about it!

Miss Liza said...

I broke down and bought a box of "double chocolate brownie cookies" yesterday at the grocer. And as I try to avoid gluten as well as processed foods, probably not the best thing to choose! Oh well. We'll see how long those last!

Anonymous said...

Come to my house, Adriana--I've got lots of snacks! Besides the 30-odd boxes of Girl Scout cookies in the basement freezer (which should last until June or so), I picked up some interesting tidbits yesterday when I stopped at the gourmet market to get some (exorbitantly expensive) salmon for dinner. Guess I was a little hungry! I bought a Five Star caramel with almonds (now gone), a few dark (blue) Lindor balls (also now gone), a little box of Fran's dark-chocolate-covered caramels sprinkled with Breton gray sea salt (two-thirds gone), and a box of those awesome DeStrooper almond thins (also two-thirds gone). And I'll be making fudge and possibly caramels today for a wedding shower tomorrow.

See, this is why you're "naturally thin" and I am NOT.

Co said...

Hmm... sausage meatballs. I never thought of trying that.

I made spaghetti and meatballs for some friends of mine (including our mutual editor friend Rachel) last Friday, but I've never thought of making them out of sausage. I am so traditional when it comes to Italian food especially. I am like... no, if we have sausage then we have sausage, if we have meatballs we whip out ground beef and breadcrumbs. My rigidity knows no bounds.

And you should definitely buy some snacks. Always a must have!

Adriana Velez said...

JaneAnne, you're killing me, especially with the dark chocolate-covered caramels with Breton salt. Now I'm going to have to hunt down a box here.

One snack I always have on hand is a dark chocolate bar. These days it's Green & Black 70%. But it's not filling and if I have it after dinner it will keep me up.