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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Anchovy smorrebrod

The smorrebrod (imagine those little slash lines going through the o's) is a traditional Danish open-faced sandwich on rye that, according to an article in this month's Saveur, is in danger of extinction. All of the sandwiches in the article tickled my fancy, but this one seemed the easiest to create on short notice.

I started with dark, heavy, German rye smeared with butter. Then I spread thin slices of tomato and hard boiled egg, about 1 1/2 eggs per bread slice. Over this I spread mayonnaise, then some anchovy fillets, and finally a few sprigs of parsley. The sandwiches didn't turn out as pretty as Saveur's. And I couldn't find Danish anchovy fillets, which are larger. But I liked the sharp, briny anchovies and bright dill over the luscious butter and mayonnaise. And this German rye is so dense and toothsome.

This is a smorrebrod made at Slotskaelderen hos Gitte Kik, a restaurant that hews closely with tradition. But other cooks in Denmark are experimenting with the sandwich, like a salmon roll with wasabi cream cheese. I'm inspired now to try a few invented smorrebrod of my own.

I've had Japan on the brain all week; I'm still desperately trying to see Memoirs of a Geisha all the way through. (Did anyone else catch that hilarious New Yorker review of Matthew Barney and Bjork's recent collaboration, in the film section, thank you very much, that said it made Memoirs look like a documentary?) In the Times Dining section there's an article on Japanese-style eggs and another on a cultural phenomenon, the majime shufu, Japan's serious housewives. These are women dedicated to refining domestic work to an art. My women's studies 1992 self has serious whiplash right about now, but I'm fascinated with the Japanese take on this. Seriously, I see bento boxes in Jasper's future.

If you're especially influential you can become a karisuma shufu, a charisma housewife. Wow, maybe someday, though this blog, even I can become... a karisuma shufu!


Swizzies said...

A, that is a VERY special picture of you w/ the daffodils on your head. :-)

Writermama said...

Very cute photo of you! (Not the food....)