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Thursday, April 27, 2006

And now for something completely different

I usually try to stay on topic with this blog, but tonight I'm getting up on my soapbox to bring up a grave issue that nags me: the genocide in Darfur. I know what you're thinking -- The conflict is such a mess! It's too much work to keep up with what's going on there, and it's just beyond dire, and who can tell who the good guys are and who the bad guys are anyway.

But there are a couple things you can do. They're just drops in the bucket, but if we all contribute maybe it'll add up to something. You can contribute to this foundation, which helps women rebuild their lives. And you can keep up with news from Darfur and make sense of what's going on by checking out the Save Darfur Coalition. There's even a section where you can print out or e-mail a postcard to nag the president.

If you happen to be free and in the DC area Sunday there will be a demonstration calling attention to the situation in Darfur and demanding immediate action.

I don't pester you about much, now do I? Well, not since January, anyway.

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shaunamama said...

You're right...this situation in Darfur is messy. Something must be done... dare I say it..if Africa had nuclear capabilities or were even close I know a certain world power that would be right in the middle of it by now.

Pester away, Adriana. If we get enough "pestering" going on, maybe something will finally be done. The optimist in me would like to think so anyway.