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Monday, April 03, 2006

Homemade hummos and pitas

Just to prove that I'm not dead I made my own pita bread and hummos. I used the Claudia Rodin-inspired recipe in this month's Saveur for the bread. I rarely ever bake bread; I've just always felt I lacked the faith in yeast. (I guess this explains my problem with Christianity -- if I don't believe the bread will rise how can I believe that the Lord will?) But the bread did rise into golden pillows. I believe! In yeast, anyway.

The basic proportions for for hummos are: 2 cans of chickpeas, 1 clove of garlic, 1/2 cup tahini, juice from 1-2 lemons depending on your taste, and salt to taste. Puree the garlic with the chickpeas until smooth (or crush garlic into a paste and stir into mixture). Then add the other ingredients, tasting as you go. I sprinkled mine with a little paprika and chopped parsley. A drizzle of olive oil is nice, too.

We stuffed our pitas with chopped tomatoes, red onions, Persian cucumbers (smaller and sweeter than regular), and leftover rotisserie chicken. I also found some green olives stuffed with garlic.

We had an exciting weekend. Friday it looked like Jasper's eye infection (which had spread to his other eye and then to mine) was clearing nicely. But when we woke Saturday morning I was horrified to find dried blood in the corner of his right eye. My son's eye is bleeding! We called the doctor, who was unconcerned and told us he'd probably scratched it the day before.

An hour or so later while I was in the shower there was another incident. Jasper was dancing around and fell awkwardly on his hand. His favorite way to dance is to spin around in one direction until he staggers around, dizzy. He cried a bit but we weren't concerned until we noticed how he'd stopped using his right hand and wouldn't let us touch it.

The next morning his hand was still sore and a little swollen so we called the doctor again. This time we were urged to seek care immediately, so off to the NYU medical center we went.

Jasper's hand was examined and x-rayed. We found out that it wasn't broken after all, just sprained. The doctor there wanted to put on a splint "just in case." I was in passive patient mode and feeling sheepish about the two medical emergencies in a row so I let him. But I wish I hadn't. Jasper has already asked me about 40 times to take it off. His hand seems fine now but we can't get the splint removed until his follow-up visit Thursday. Will the doctor yell at me if I take if off myself? Do I care?

At least the hospital visit didn't last too long and put us near the East Village. We got some Thai take-out and ate in Thompkins Square Park, then got some ice cream.

Meanwhile, I'm expecting a visit from Child Services any day now for either child abuse or Munchausen syndrome.


celia said...

this looks absolutely amazing. i can't wait to try the hummos. and the pitas! i've been searching for a good recipe for pitas for almost a year now. thanks for the tip.

Margo, darling said...

My sister was just telling me that there has been an absolutely HUGE outbreak of pink eye in her children's school. It keeps going on and on. Sorry to hear you've all had such a rough patch, health-wise. I was actually cheered to hear that you, a normally robust and healthy person, had been struggling with the cold that will not quite this past month, too.

Margo, darling said...

cold-that-will-not-QUIT, not quite. Sorry. Be well.

Writermama said...

Making your own pita! How punk rock is that? i'm impressed. The meal looks totally kick-ass and delicious.