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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lane's fried chicken

Today Lane stayed home to do our taxes. Then he fixed a leak in our sink. And following that he insisted on making dinner -- fried chicken. Don't you just love a good Renaissance man, someone who can fix things like sinks and fried chicken?

There are certain dishes that are reserved as Lane dishes in our household. These are pancakes, fried eggs, hamburgers, and fried chicken. I can't tell you much about the chicken except that he uses the buttermilk recipe in the Joy of Cooking and that hot juices flow beneath golden, crisp skin. Lane credits the Crisco. Oh lordy, this chicken is worth the cleanup.

Our other bit of magic for the day was an Easter basket from Grandma. I let Jasper spoil his appetite with candy before dinner. Then I added the Jacques Torres chocolate bunnies and other treats I bought recently. In my childless years I would put together an Easter basket of (mostly chocolate) goodies a couple weeks before the holiday. This would serve as decoration. Those days are over -- after Jasper started unwrapping all the chocolate eggs I had to stow the basket up on a high shelf, where we can no longer enjoy the lovely sight of dark chocolate pressed into a bunny shapes. Oh well. I guess I'll just get some more daffodils instead.

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shaunamama said...

I find it very, very cool that Lane can fix a sink and make fried chicken! My hubby makes "cheesy eggs." He used to make them every Sunday until one where he was sick, and he told me his "recipe." I've made them ever since. : (
The basket is precious. I have to have jellybeans in ours and of course...chocolate bunnies.