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Monday, April 10, 2006

Lentil soup with yogurt, strawberry salad

A few weeks back Sylvia mentioned this recipe for a curried lentil soup with herbed yogurt. Today I just happened to have some lentils, chicken broth, and yogurt (actually labne I bought for the pitas and forgot to use), so the stars aligned for this dish.

I made mine a little differently. I started by carmelizing two chopped shallots in olive oil, then adding about four cups of chicken broth. I added about a cup of chopped canned tomatoes, half a pound of mixed lentils, two teaspoons of Madras curry powder, salt, and pepper. Once I brought this to a boil I turned down the heat and let it simmer for about half an hour. For the yogurt I chopped some marjoram and chives -- fresh from my awakening rooftop garden!

Meanwhile I put together a strawberry salad. I started with a layer of sliced cucumber, then the strawberries, then two scallions, and drizzled with meyer lemon juice and sesame oil. I wanted to use fennel bulb instead of cucumber, but the fennel bulb at the Coop was in bad shape. The strawberries were beautiful but a little expensive; apparently record rainfalls in California have damaged the strawberry crops there. Sorry to hear this for California farmers, though I take personal comfort knowing that we'll get our own Jersey strawberries in about a month. But today I couldn't wait. I had to have the berries.

One reason for strawberries is to celebrate the weather -- we had a gorgeous warm, sunny spring day today. Jasper and I took a long walk to a nearby neighborhood and played at their playground. How delightful to finally be over that nasty cold and enjoy some fresh air and good health!

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ticklethepear said...

Wow! You made it. Looks great!

The lentils I use are very dark so the soup turns out a sinister blacky-greeny color. Kind of like a Loch Ness monster vegetarian stew.