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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What are ramps, anyway?

In case you're not a farmer's market junkie like I am, ramps (or wild garlic) are kind of like green onions only slimmer, with a purpleish hue, garlicky, and with different leaves. I was going to photograph some before I used them, but things got hairy in the kitchen. These are ramps after the bulbs (about three inches long) have been cut off and chopped. Anyway, I like ramps best raw as a garnish, and they're fantastic on salads. Today I stirred them into some cooked risotto just before serving. The hot rice mellowed the flavor, which can be intense.

For risotto, melt half a stick of butter (or more, if you dare) and saute about half a cup chopped onions and two cups aborio rice on high. Once rice starts to toast pour in a cup of white wine, stirring. Lower heat to medium low. Once the rice has absorbed the wine add salt and hot chicken stock, stirring, 1/2 cup at a time. You don't have to stir risotto constantly, but you should stir it often. Lower the heat a little and keep adding hot stock until the rice is tender. I like to grate in some Gruyere just before serving.

Do you have a gift from your parents that you treasure? Is it so precious that you consider it a family heirloom?

Lane found this on the street and brought it home for Jasper. Harbor Fitness Men's 5K run, 3rd place. I think we'll keep this one in the family for a long, long time.


puddle said...

LOL! Just came back from WV with a whole mess of hand-dug ramps ( a *real* gift!) and am in the process of introducing my mate (Chicago born/raised) to them. So far meatloaf with ramps. Ramps cream cheese on pumpernickle. As I write I'm in the process of making ramp oil, ramp salt, and dried ramps.

Anonymous said...

Love the foreshortening on the trophy in the photo!

hippittee said...

no comment yet on the 'ramps' but will certainly look for them this saturday at the FM. in the mean time, would be interested to have an update on the life of the trophy -- is it still as revered?